Young Naturalists

The Young Naturalists is a nature club for young people who have an interest in wildlife, plants, nature and natural history and would like to learn more about the natural world from experts and by first-hand experience.

It is part of the WA Naturalists’ Club, which was established in 1924 to encourage the study and protection of the natural environment. Membership gives you a monthly newsletter and a scientific journal as well as the opportunity to attend meetings and excursions.


The organisers can be contacted by email:, or via the Club by phone on 9228 2495.

Events and activities

We try and include Young Nats within most club events. As the opportunity arises, specific Young Nats events will be arranged.  (and the Events calendar will have the final details for all our events).

Subscribe for updates

Subscribe to our monthly email update and we’ll send you a reminder of excursions and give any further details you’ll need to know. Usually, you will be asked to email your intention of attending so that approximate numbers can be estimated. You will be informed of any changes.

Not yet a member of the Club?

Non-members are very welcome to attend one or two Young Naturalists events before deciding whether to become Club members, but we ask you to inform us before the event to ensure places are available for members. When you’re ready, you can join online.

Why join the Club?

Some of our activities, particularly the overnight camps, are for members only. But there are lots of other reasons for becoming a member of the WA Naturalist’s Club – here are ten good reasons to become a member …