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Western Australian Naturalists’ Club Inc.

One of the oldest conservation groups in Australia, the ‘WA Nats’ is a lively organisation designed to cater for all the environmentally conscious members of the community.

If you’re interested in nature, natural history, and conservation, and if you’d like to meet up with like-minded people for bush-walking, talks and events, why not
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February 23 Beach Sweep

A Jewel in the Crown of a Global Biodiversity Hotspot

South-western Australia is a region of exquisite landscapes and unique plants, animals and fungi. It is one of the World’s ‘Biodiversity Hotspots’, based on its highly diverse, endemic and threatened flora.

Greater Perth is particularly well-known for its species richness and endemism, home to numerous Declared Rare Flora and Priority species as well as Threatened Ecological Communities.

A Jewel in the Crown of a Global Biodiversity Hotspot has been assembled using current research and understanding about the geology, hydrology, soils, flora, fauna, fungi, archaeology, history and other aspects.

The book has been published jointly by the Kwongan Foundation and the Western Australian Naturalists’ Club Inc, Perth.

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Young Naturalists

The Young Naturalists is a club for young people who have an interest in natural history and would like to learn more about the natural world from experts and by first-hand experience.

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