Vol 5 & 6, 1955-1959

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Contents of The Western Australian Naturalist Volumes 5 & 6, 1955 to 1959

Volume 6 No 8 March 18, 1959

  • The Birds of Carnac Island, Western Australia. By J.A.L. Watson.
  • Anadara trapezia (Mollusca: Pelecypoda) found Living in South-Western Australia. By G.W. Kendrick and B.R. Wilson.
  • Herpetological Miscellanea IX – Ablepharus wotjulum, a New Skink from West Kimberley. By L. Glauert.
  • The Spread of the Mediterranean Snail on Rottnest I. Part II. By D.L. Serventy and G.M. Storr.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Yellow-billed Spoonbill at Bunbury. By A.A. Burbidge.
    • The Gull-billed Tern in Western Australia. By Julian Ford.
  • Obituary: B.V. Teague, By D.L.S.
  • Index

Volume 6 No 7 December 4, 1958

  • Is the Western Australian Wheat-belt a Natural Region? By J. Gentilli.
  • The Edge-ground Axes of South-Western Australia. By W.D.L. Ride.
  • Are Marsupials “Second-class Mammals? by G.M. Storr.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Black-throated Butcher-bird near Perth. By R. Stranger.
    • Inland Record of Mountain Duck. By J.H. Calaby.
    • The Occurrence of Northern Fish and Dragonflies in the Greenough River. By J.A.L. Watson.

Volume 6 No 6 August 28, 1958

  • Some Previously Unrecorded Aboriginal Artifact Sites near Perth. By W.H. Butler.
  • Further Observations on the Mountain Devil in Captivity. By C.C. Sporn.
  • A Key to the Dragonflies (Odonata) of South-Western Australia. By J.A.L.Watson.
  • From Field and Study:
    • White Ibis near Bunbury. By S.R. White.
    • White Ibis in the Wheatbelt. By D.L. Serventy.
    • White and Glossy Ibis at Fremantle. By Julian R. Ford.
    • Yellow-billed Spoonbill and White Ibis at Australind. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Little Eagle in Metropolitan Area. By J.H. Calaby.
    • A Yellow Silvereye at Mandurah. By C.C. Sporn.
    • The Australian Pratincole near the Western Australian Border. By V.N. Serventy.
    • Diamond Dove at Dryandra. By J.H. Calaby.
    • Black Bream near Bridgetown. By S.R. White.
    • An Observation on the Drinking of Trachysaurus rugosus. By R.M. Sadleir.
    • Record of a Sailfish in Western Australian Waters. By B.K. Bowen.
    • Recent Observations on the Naretha Parrot. By J.H. Calaby.
    • A Record of the Euro near Northam. By S. Barker.
    • Mammals and Reptiles of King’s Park. By L. Glauert.
    • A Recent Observation of the Western Whip-bird. By Eric Lindgren.

Volume 6 No 5 June 13, 1958

  • Rediscovery of Drosera zonaria Planch. By M.C. Russell.
  • Colouring Matters from Western Australian Sundews. By M.C. Russell.
  • The Introduced Turtledoves in Western Australia II. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Records of the Pink Sun Orchid (Thelymitra carnea) By A.S. George.
    • The Range of Caladenia glossodiphylla. By J.R. Tonkinson.
    • A Yellow Mutant of the Western Silvereye. By Alex Jones.
    • Seastar Preying on Blowfish. By V.N. Serventy.
    • Movements of Grey Teal. By V.N. Serventy.
    • Extension of the Known Range of the Helmet Orchid (Corybas dilatata). By J.R. Tonkinson and A.S. George.
    • A Deep-water Cowrie from the West Coast. By B.R. Wilson.
    • Masked Plover in the South-West. By Eric Lindgren.
    • Black Duck Diving. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Myobatrachus gouldii in the Coastal Hills near City Beach. By G.A. Philipp.

Volume 6 No 4 February 216, 1958

  • Stone Arrangements at Canna. By V.N. Serventy and S.R. White.
  • The Introduced Turtledoves in Western Australia. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
  • Fairy Martins in South-Western Australia. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Hooded Dotterel near Fremantle. By Julian R. Ford.
    • A Cling-fish New for Western Australia. By N.E. Milward.
    • Occurrence of the Fork-tailed Swift in the South-West, 1956. By Julian R. Ford.
    • Note on a Parasitised Root Nodule. By R.T. Lange.
    • Movements of Ringed Straw-necked Ibis in Western Australia. By P.J. Fuller and Eric Lindgren.

Volume 6 No 3 November 5, 1957

  • Field Guide to the Shelled Gastropoda of Rocky Shores. By E.P. Hodgkin.
  • The First Projapygidae from Western Australia. By G.F. Bornemissza.
  • First Record of a Petalurid Dragonfly from W.A. By J.A.L. Watson.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Diamond Dove Near Woodanilling. By V.F. McDougall.
    • A Further Record of Pseudemydura umbrina. By L. Glauert.
    • A Bandicoot New to Western Australia. By L. Glauert.
    • A New Fresh-water Fish for Australia. By L. Glauert.
    • Ibis and Heron Records from Coolgardie. By Don Reid.
    • Penetration of the South-west by Eyrean Birds. By Julian R. Ford.
    • East Kimberley Butterflies. By L.E. Koch.

Volume 6 No 2 August 15, 1957

  • King’s Park as an Indigenous Park: A Natural History Appraisal. By A Committee of the Western Australian Naturalists’ Club.
  • Recent Capture of the Quokka (Setonix brachyurus) on the Mainland. By S. Barker, A.R. Main and R.M. Sadleir.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Grey-tailed Tattler on the Swan River Estuary. By C.F.H. Jenkins.
    • Glossy Ibis at Bibra Lake. By C.F.H. Jenkins.
    • Kestrel at Sea in Northern Australia. By Robert Boyd.
    • Fan-tailed Cuckoo parasitising Western Silvereye. By Julian R. Ford.
    • Dispersal Opportunities for Exotic Snails. By G. Kendrick.

Volume 6 No 1 July 11, 1957

  • A Guide to Sand Dune Plants of South-Western Australia. By G.G. Smith.
  • A New Species of Frog of the Genus Crinia. By M.J. Littlejohn.
  • A New Burrowing From from Western Australia. By A.R. Main.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Diamond Dove at Lower Chittering. By Eric Schmidt.
    • Shrike-Tit at Narpunup. By L.E. Sedgwick.

Volume 5 No 8 May 17, 1957

  • West Kimberley Butterflies. By John Warham.
  • From Field and Study:
    • A Giant Petrel Inland. By N.E. Stewart.
    • Occurrence of Goldfinch at Albany. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Second Record of a Gannet Ringed in New Zealand. By G.M. Storr.
    • Crested Grebe on the Swan River Estuary. By D.L. Serventy.
    • Western Shrike-Thrush at Nedlands. By D.L. McIntosh.
    • Another Arctic Tern in Western Australia. By G.M. Storr and N.E. Milward.
    • The Ghost Bat in the North-West. By Angus Robinson.
    • A Possible Record of the Spine-tailed Swift. By John Warham.
    • Red-backed Kingfisher at Perth. By Eric Lindgren.
    • Silver Gull and Blowfish. By V.N. Serventy.
    • Silver Gulls Feeding on Ants. By M.C. Russell.
    • First Record of Spurwing Plover for Western Australia. By V.N. Serventy and W.H. Butler.
    • Additional Notes on the Little Shearwater. By John Warham.
  • Index

Volume 5 No 7 March 8, 1957. Ludwig Glauert Valedictory Number

  • Foreword. By the President of the Museum and Art Gallery of Western Australia (the Hon Mr Justice Wolff).
  • Ludwig Glauert – Museum Director and Naturalist. By D.L. Serventy.
  • The Fire Factor in Relation to the Vegetation of Western Australia. By C.A. Gardner.
  • Additions to the Knowledge of the Ranges of Western Australian Mammals. By Ernest Lundelius Jr.
  • Two New Goannas from Australia. by Robert Mertens.
  • A New Record of the Scaly-tailed Possum (Wyulda Squamicaudata Alexander). By J.H Calaby.
  • A Review of the Genus Coxiella Smith, 1894, sensu lato. By J Hope MacPherson.
  • A Contribution to the Life History of a Hoverfly Microdon dimorphon Ferg., A Dipterous Inquiline. By R.P. McMillan.
  • A Leaf-eating Ladybird (Epilachna 28-punctata (Fab.)) in South-Western Australia. By C.F.H. Jenkins.
  • A new Angler Fish. By Gilbert P Whitley.
  • Occurrence of the Trap-door Spider Conothele Malayana (Doleschall) in Australia [Mygalomorphae: Ctenizidae]. By Barbara York Main.
  • New Records and Notes on the Biology of Frogs from North-Western Australia. By A.R. Main and J.H. Calaby.

Volume 5 No 6 Sept 10, 1956

  • Irruption of the White-winged Black Tern into the South West 1956. Part I by A.M. Douglas; Part II by Julian Ford; Part III by Eric Lindgren; Part IV by P.J. Fuller; Part 5 By J.A.L. Watson.
  • Herpetological Miscellanea VIII Snake Lizards and Worm Lizards (Family Pygopodidae). By L Glauert.
  • Tropical cyclones as bioclimatic activators (Part III). By J. Gentilli.
  • From Field and Study:
    • White Ibis at Fremantle. By Julian Ford.
    • Wambenger (Phascogale penicillatta) at Coolup. By Angus Robinson.
    • Crested Pigeon at Shackleton. By Digby Darlington.
    • Spider Predator on a Vertebrate. By Barbara York Main and A.R. Main
    • Unusual Cuckoo Nests. By P.J. Fuller
    • A Further Record of Puffinus gavia from Western Australia. By J.A.L. Watson.
    • A Recent Western Australian Record of the Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas). By A.M. Douglas.
    • Grey Butcher-bird (Cracticus torquatus), is it cannibalistic? By Angus Robinson.
    • Unusual Bird Records in 1955. By Eric Lindgren.
    • The Jewel Beetle, Stigmodera (Castiarina) magnetica Cart. By S Barker, R.P. McMillan, and J.A.L. Watson.

Volume 5 No 5 July 11, 1956

  • Bird notes on Lion Island, Esperance. By E. Lindgren.
  • Birds of Queen Victoria Spring. By Vincent Serventy.
  • Tropical cyclones as bioclimatic activators (Part II). By J. Gentilli.
  • A new Skink from West Kimberley – Egernia striolata douglasi. By L. Glauert.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Sooty Oystercatcher at Rottnest. By L. Maclean and L. Van Der Heyden.
    • White Ibis at Bunbury. By W. Baggs.
    • A Far Travelled Gannet. By L. Glauert.
    • A Bustard at Bolgart. By Rica Erickson.
    • Red-tailed Tropic Bird at Busselton. By John Warham.
    • Supposedly Parasitic Bulldog Ant. By Athol Douglas.

Volume 5 No 4 May 29, 1956

  • Observations on the burrow and natural history of the Trap-door Spider Missulena (Ctenizidae). By Barbara York Main.
  • Sentinel duties among Cockatoos. By Rica Erickson.
  • Tropical cyclones as bioclimatic activators (Part I). By J. Gentilli.
  • Common Tern, Sterna hirundo hirundo, in Western Australia. By G.M. Dunnet.
  • Additions to the Termite fauna of Western and South Australia. By J.H. Calaby.
  • Autotomy of the tail in mammals. By Vincent Serventy.
  • The food habits of the frog, Myobatrachus gouldii (Gray). By J.H. Calaby.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Diamond Dove in Wheatbelt. By Donald N. Calderwood.
    • Galahs and Rufous Songlark in Muchea Area. By Eric H. Sedgwick.

Volume 5 No 3 March 22, 1956

  • Geckonidae (Part II). By L. Glauert.
  • Archibald Menzies and the fishes of King George’s Sound. By G.P. Whitley. F.R.Z.S.
  • Notes on the Arthropod fauna of the Mundaring Weir area. By J.A.L. Watson.
  • Bird-Life at Wooroloo (Part II – List of Species). By Eric H. Sedgwick.
  • Arctic Terns on the Swan River. By G.M. Storr.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Whimbrel on Rottnest in Winter. By G.M. Dunnet and L. Maclean.
    • A Large flock of Little Eagles. R.A. Aitken.

Volume 5 No 2 October 11, 1955

  • Freshwater Atherines from Western Australia. By G.P. Whitley.
  • Observations on the Little Shearwater at the Nest. By J. Warham.
  • Bird-Life at Wooroloo. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Early Arrival of Bee-eaters. By Rica Erickson.
    • Tortoises as predators on water-birds. By Julian R. Ford.
    • Out of season blooming of Stylidium repens
    • The “New Tortoise”. By L. Glauert.
    • Red-eared Firetail Finch in the Darling Range. By Julian R. Ford; Joy Russell and Anne Lisle; Eric Lindgren.
    • The White Ibis at Bunbury. By L. Glauert; Lois E. Wallace.
    • Nesting Records – 1946 and 1947. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Grey Butcher-bird (Cracticus torquatus), an abnormal Clutch. By Angus Robinson.
  • Projects
  • Correction
  • Herpetological Miscellanea. By L. Glauert.W. Aust. Nat., 4 (8), May 6, 1955.

Volume 5 No 1 July 12, 1955

  • The Breeding of the Mountain Devil in Captivity. By C.C. Sporn.
  • Notes on the Spotted Bower-bird. By Vincent Serventy.
  • Observations on the Birth of the Grey Kangaroo. By Dorothy M. Beeck.
  • A Visit to Queen Victoria Spring. By P. Slater and E. Lindgren.
  • The Breeding Periods of the Black Cormorant. By D.L. Serventy.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Brush Bronzewing at Garden Island. By J.A.L. Watson.
    • Golden Whistler (Pachycephala pectoralis) as a Fosterer of Pallid Cuckoo. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Notes on the White-breasted Wood-Swallow (Artamus leucorhynchus). By Vincent Serventy.
    • Fork-tailed Swifts over Cockburn Sound and Rottnest Island. By G.M. Storr and G.M. Dunnet.
    • Occurrences of the Gull-billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica). By Vincent Serventy.
    • Pellet Production in Corvus. By L. Sedgwick.

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