Volumes 9 & 10, 1963-1968

Volume 10 No 8 April 23, 1968

  • Chromodoris quadricolor westraliensis, a Common Western Australian Nudibranch. By Robert Burn.
  • Burrowing by the Quenda, Isoodon obesulus. By John A.W. Kirsch.
  • Nephrurus stellatus, a New Knob-tailed Gecko from Southern Australia. By G.M. Storr.
  • An Annotated List of Angiosperms of Lakeside Station, Cue, Western Australia. By Kevin F. Kenneally.
  • A Collie Bird List. By E.H. Sedgwick.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Distinctive Odour in Typhlops-Typhlops. By R.P. McMillan.
    • Sighting of a Yellow Western Rosella. By F. North.
    • The Crab Planes minutus Associating with a Turtle. By R.P. McMillan.
  • Index

Volume 10 No 7 November 7 1967

  • A Note on the Pollination of the Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos manglesii. By G.F. Mees.
  • Mist-netting and Ringing the Noisy Scrub-bird. By D.L. Serventy.
  • Nesting of Fairy Terns and Silver Gulls at Walyungup Lake, Western Australia. By Julian Ford.
  • Notes on Two Species of Western Australian Compositae. By J.H. Willis.
  • Rediscovery and Taxonomic Status of the Western Australian Gecko, Diplodactylus michaelseni. By G.M. Storr and J.R. Ford.
  • Observations by the Late F. Aldrich on Australian Marine Crayfish in Captivity. Edited by R.G. Chittleborough.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Observations on a Gwardar (Demansia nuchalis). By A.L. Milhinch.
    • Two Names of Western Australian Plants, one New and one Evaluated but Discarded. By C.G.G.J. Van Steenis.
    • Is the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus) Extinct on the Australian Mainland? By S.J. Paramonov.
    • Oriental Pratincole at Pelican Point, Swan River Estuary. By D.L. Serventy.

Volume 10 No 6 July 27 1967

  • The Natural History of the Ghost Bat Macroderma gigas (Microchiroptera, Megadermatidae), in Western Australia.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Green Pygmy-Goose near Perth. By B.D. Bond.
    • Another Record of the Spur-Winged Plover. By (Mrs) N. Gray.
    • Black Falcon in Metropolitan Area. By G.M. Storr.
    • Congenital Malformation of the Jaw in a Tiger Snake. By A. Softly.
  • Obituary: W.B. Alexander.

Volume 10 No 5 May 16 1967

  • The Rediscovery After 83 Years of the Dibbler Antechinus apicalis (Marsupialia, Dasyuridae). By M.K. Morcombe.
  • An Inland Occurrence of Mangrove. By J.S. Beard.
  • Field Notes on the White-breasted Robin. By R.H. Stranger.
  • The Manufacture of Spinifex Gum by Desert Aborigines. By Mark de Graaf.
  • Notes on Breeding the Red-winged Wren (Malurus elegans) in Captivity. By Alwyn Y. Pepper.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Extension of Range of Swamp-Hen. By L.E. Sedgwick.
    • Black-and-white Wren(?) on Peron Peninsula. By L.E. Sedgwick.
    • Barking Owl at Latham. By R.H. Stranger.
    • Red-tailed Tropic-birds Nesting near Cape Naturaliste. By Ted Watts and Michael Tarbotton.
    • Aboriginal Artefacts at Rottnest Island. By P.E. Serventy.

Volume 10 No 4 January 1 1967

  • Natural Woodland in King’s Park, Perth. By J.S. Beard.
  • Occurrences of the Double-banded Dotterel in Western Australia. By Julian Ford.
  • The Larva of Synthemia leachi Salys, with a Key to the Larvae of Western Australian Symthemidae (Odonata). By J.A.L. Watson.
  • Additions to the Fish Fauna of Western Australia. By R.J. McKay.
  • A Historical Note on the Grey-headed Honeyeater, Meliphaga keartlandi. By G.F. Mees.
  • From Field and Study:
    • An Occurrence of Wombats in Western Australia. By David C. Lowry.
    • Further Notes on the W.A. Pitcher Plant. By J.H. Willis.
    • Preservation Techniques for Algae. By B.M. Allender.
    • The Overwintering of Some Captive Indigenous Reptiles in Perth. By A. Softly and E.G. Cockett.

Volume 10 No 3 July 13 1966

  • Range Extensions and Notes on the Biology of Frogs from the Pilbara Region, W.A. By A.R. Main and G.M. Storr.
  • Observations at Bald Head, W.A. By G. Blackburn.
  • Notes on Breeding the Scarlet Robin (Petroica multicolour). By Alwyn Y. Pepper.
  • A New Species of Banksia from Western Australia. By C.A. Gardner.
  • An Aboriginal Meal. By I.M. Crawford.
  • Aquatic Birds of Hamelin Pool Lake, W.A. By Julian Ford.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Movements of the White-fronted Honeyeater. By Roger H. Smith.
    • Grey Kangaroos near Wiluna. By A.J. Oliver.
    • Leaf Carrying by Neophema splendida. By A.Y. Pepper.
    • The Shortbill Spearfish, Tetrapturus angustirostris, from Western Australia. By R.J. McKay.

Volume 10 No 2 February 22 1966

  • The Western Whipbird at Two People Bay. By H.O. Webster.
  • Three New Western Australian Plants and Some Name Changes. By A.S. George.
  • The Movements of the White-tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus baudinii) in South-Western Australia. By S.J.J.F. Davies.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Recovery of a Banded Crested Tern after 10 Years. By (The Rev.) A. de Q. Robin.
    • Nesting of the Australian Pratincole in the North-West. By G.A. Lodge.
    • Forest Bird Life at Bilbarin. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Range Extensions in Some Western Australian Birds. By A.G. Mathews.
    • Obtaining Spinifex Gum. By W.H. Butler.
  • Obituary: Dr Keith Sheard.

Volume 10 No 1 November 2 1965

  • Historical Notes on the W.A. Pitcher Plant, Cephalotus follicularis. By J.H. Willis.
  • New Information on the Distribution of Birds of South-Western Australia. By Julian Ford.
  • Nesting Success of the Osprey on Rottnest Island, W.A. By W.N. Holsworth.
  • Social Behaviour in the Banded Blue Wren, Malurus splendens. By W.H. Loaring.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Reef Heron at Pelican Point, Swan River. By R.H. Stranger.
    • Quokka at Yanchep in Historic Time. By D. Merrilees.
    • The Calls of the White-breasted Robin. By A.Y. Pepper.
    • Native Game Trading in the 1830s. By G.P. Whitley.
    • Additional Note on the Occurrence of the Red-browed Finch. By Marie Parton.
    • Breeding of White-necked Herons (Ardea pacifica) in the South-West. By T. Riggert, E. Lindgren, and P. Slater.
    • A Second Specimen of Sideridis palleuca Turner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from Rottnest Island. By L.. Koch.
    • Occurrence of the Fairy Martin in the Perth District. By Bro. Matthew Amedy.
    • On Calling up Birds. By Peter McMillan.

Volume 9 No 8 June 30, 1965

  • Some Aboriginal Rock Paintings in the Roebourne-Hamersley Range Area. By Bruce J. Wright.
  • Notes on Bald Island and the Adjacent Mainland. By G.M. Storr.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Fossil Wombat from Fremantle. By D. Merrilees.
  • Obituary: C.L.E. Orton. Index

Volume 9 No 7 Mar 10, 1965

  • Supplementary Note on the Introduced Turtledoves in W.A. By Eric H. Sedgwick
  • Additional Observations on the Life History of the Mountain Devil, Moloch horridus, in Captivity. By C.C. Sporn.
  • The Red-browed Finch, Aegintha temporalis, in Western Australia. By John Dell.
  • Feeding Notes on the White-tailed Black Cockatoo. By Angus Robinson.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Kelp Gull at Esperance. By Lyall McHugh.
    • White-tailed Black Cockatoo Nesting Behaviour. By Angus Robinson.
    • Nesting of the Red-tailed Tropic-bird near Cape Naturaliste. By V.N. Serventy.
    • Some Snakes New for Western Australia. By G.M. Storr.
    • An Early Occurrence of the Kelp Gull in South-Western Australia. By Julian Ford.
    • The Black-throated Whipbird near Gnowangerup. By A.R. McGill.
    • The Reptillian Fauna of the Islands between Dongara and Lancelin, Western Australia: Additional Notes. By Julian Ford.
    • The Skink Egernia pulchra in the Stirling Range. By Julian Ford.

Volume 9 No 6 Nov 27, 1964

  • Foreword by the Hon. Sir Albert Wolff, K.C.M.G., Chief Justice of Western Australia.
  • History of the Western Australian Naturalists’ Club. By Rica Erickson.
  • Biographies

Volume 9 No 5 Sept 18, 1964

  • Some Aboriginal Rock Engravings in the Roebourne-Hamersley Range Area. By Bruce J. Wright.
  • From Field and Study:
    • A Host Record for Trichoptilus xerodes Meyr. (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae). By L.. Koch.
    • Plumed Tree-Ducks at Meekatharra. By H.B. Shugg.
    • Mediterranean Snail, Theba pisana, at Collie and Other Localities. By Eric H. Sedgwick.
    • Red-tailed Tropic-bird at Collie. By H.B. Shugg.
    • Red-tailed Tropic-bird Near Cape Naturaliste. By Lyall McHugh.

Volume 9 No 4 May 29, 1964

  • Double-broodedness in the Silver Gull, Larus novae-hollandiae. By C.A. Nicholls.
  • Two Hitherto Unrecorded Specimens of the Noisy Scrub-bird, Atrichornis clamosus (Gould). By G.F. Mees.
  • Nesting of Pelicans at Mandurah. By D.L. Serventy and H.B. Shugg.
  • Ctenotus, a New Generic name for a Group of Australian Skinks. By G.M. Storr.
  • The First Records of the the Kelp Gull in South Western Australia. By Julian Ford.
  • Denisonia monachus, a New Elapid Snake from Western Australia By G.M. Storr.
  • First Occurrence of the Ruff in Western Australia. By D Fisher.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Range Extension of the Orchid, Monadenia micrantha. By F.W. Rowe.
    • Blowfish kills Silver Gull. By R.H. Stranger.
    • Mediterranean Land Snail at Katanning. By V.N. Serventy.
    • An Observation of the Terek Sandpiper near Perth. R.H. Stranger
    • Gull-billed Tern at Pelican Point, Swan River Estuary. By H. Anderson and R.H. Stranger.
    • Treeferns at Bedfordale. By G.G. Smith.
    • Early Arrival of the White-winged triller Lalage sueurii, in the South West. By Eric H Sedgwick.
    • Callitriche hamulata (Callitrichaceae) in Western Australia. By Max Gray.
    • Occurrence of Freshwater Jellyfish at South Perth. By Bruce Shipway.
    • The Preparation of Spinifex Gum by Australian Aborigines. By A.G. Mathews.

Volume 9 No 3 March 13, 1964

  • Notes on Red-eared Firetail in Captivity. By A.Y. Pepper.
  • Antechinus rosamondae, a New Species of Dasyurid Marsupial from the Pilbara District of Western Australia; with Remarks on the Classification of Antechinus. By W.D.L. Ride.
  • A New Species of Pseudophryne (Anura:Leptodactylidae) from North-Western Australia. By A.R. Main.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Silver Gulls Nesting at the Crawley Baths, Swan River Estuary. By A.G. Mathews.

Volume 9 No 2 November 21, 1963

  • The Distribution and Variation of the Skinks Egernia pulchra and Egernia bos in Western Australia. By Julian Ford.
  • Association of Nesting Sea-Birds and Vegetation types on Islands off Cape Leeuwin, South-Western Australia. By Mary E Gillham.
  • Ablepharus butleri, a New Scincid Lizard from Western Australia. By G.M. Storr.
  • Thylacinus and Sacrophilus from the Nullarbor Plain. By D.L. Cook.

Volume 9 No 1 September 13, 1963

  • Discovery of the Nest of the Noisy Scrub-bird, Atrichornis clamosus. By H.O. Webster.
  • Notes on Western Australian Orchidaceae. III, Elythranthera, a New Genus for the Enamel Orchids. By A.S. George.
  • Breeding of Aquatic Birds in Mid-Western Australia. By P.J. Fuller.
  • Light Trap Catches of Two Species of Rice Stem Borer Moths near Wyndham. By L.E. Koch.
  • Some Factors inducing Changes in the Vegetation of Rottnest Island. By G.M. Storr.
  • From Field and Study:
    • Nomenclature of an Urodacus Scorpion from Western Australia. By L.E. Koch.
    • Second Record of a Ringed Arctic Tern in South-Western Australia. By D.L. Serventy.
    • Travels of a Ringed Wedge-tailed Eagle and a White-faced Heron. By C.A. Nicholls.
    • Probable Seed Reproduction in the Orchid, Pterostylis vittata. By D.L. Serventy.