Volume 20, 1995

Volume 20 No 4 – December 29, 1995

  • A Biological survey of Garden Island, Western Australia: 1. Birds and Reptiles. By M.G. Brooker, G.T. Smith, D.A. Saunders, J.A. Ingram, J. Leone and C.P.S. de Rebeira.
  • Patterns of genetic variation among island and mainland populations of native pellitory (Parietaria debilis, Urticacese). By D.J. Coates and V.L. Hamley.
  • Predation by feral cats upon lizards. By M.J. Bamford.
  • Bryophyte flora of Reserve 3694 in metropolitan Perth. By R.J. Cranfield and B. Best.
  • Diet of Varanus caudolineatus (Reptilia: Varanidae). By G.G. Thompson and D. King.
  • D.L. Serventy’s Gooseberry Hill plant list. By B.M.J. Hussey.
  • A Biological survey of Garden Island, Western Australia: 2. Terrestrial Mammals. By M.G. Brooker, G.T. Smith, J. Leone and J.A. Ingram.

Volume 20 No 3 – October 31, 1995

  • Grey Honeyeater breeding records and habitat in the Pilbara, Western Australia. By A.N. Start and P.J. Fuller.
  • Long-term monitoring of the bird fauna of the Porongurup Range, Western Australia. By I. Abbott.
  • Additions to the flora of the Recherche Archipelago. By G. Keighery.
  • A survey of the possums Trichosurus vulpecula and Pseudocheirus occidentalis and their habitats in forest at Ludlow, Western Australia. By B. Jones and S. Hilcox.
  • Additional records of the Gondwanan spider Austrarchaea from southwestern Australia. By B.Y. Main.
  • Pollen loads of vertebrates in heath vegetation during autumn at Eneabba. By G. Barrett.
  • An occurrence of the Variegated Fairy-wren, Malurus lamberti, at Maylands, Perth, W.A. By R.H. Stranger.
  • Seasonal occupation by the Coot, Fulica atra, of the Swan River at Maylands, W.A. By R.H. Stranger.
  • Observations of a Brown Falcon Falco berigora killing a dugite Pseudonaja affinis. By V.M. Saffer.

Volume 20 No 2 – September 30, 1995

  • The effects of rainfall on the abundance and species richness of small vertebrates in the Stirling Range National Park. By A. Rose.
  • A Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava at Lake McLarty. By J. Hunt and A. Strandring.
  • Notes on the climate of Perth, Western Australia. By J. Gentilli.
  • Observations of nectar feeding by Carnaby’s Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus latirostris. By P.R. Mawson.
  • Plant species of the Kings Park bushland. By E.M. Bennett.
  • From Field and Study
    • Great Egret feeding on birds. By J.C. and M.H. Darnell.
    • A blue-winged Pitta (Pitta moluccensis) in Western Australia. By R.E. Johnstone and N. Hamilton.

Volume 20 No 1 – July 31, 1995

  • Flora survey of the Morseby Range, August 1983. By R.J. Cranfield and C.M. Parker.
  • Discovery of the Lancelin Island Skink (Ctenotus lancelini) on the mainland. By B. Maryan and R. Browne-Cooper.
  • The birds of Banda Neira, Moluccas, Indonesia. By R.E. Johnstone and Sudaryanti.
  • Vertebrate fauna of an isolated bushland reserve (No18325) in inner Perth. By N.K. Cooper.
  • Salomonia ciliata (Polygalaceae), a new generic plant record from the Kimberley, Western Australia. By K.F. Kenneally.
  • Necrophilia in Tiliqua rugosa: a dead end in evolution? By R.D. Sharrad, D.R. King and P.T. Cairney.
  • The birds of a remnant of native vegetation on the eastern Swan coastal plain. By P.R. Mawson and M.C. Massam.
  • From Field and Study
    • A record of the Heath Rat, Pseudomys shortridgei and other fauna from Dragon Rocks Nature Reserve. By Leigh Whisson.
    • Observations on Honey Possums. By Judy and Andre Du Plessis.
    • Darter at Karonie in the Eastern Goldfields. By A. Chapman and G. Pronk.
    • Female Elephant Seal visits Eyre Bird Observatory. By Rita and George Watkins.
    • Grey Falcons on Nullarbor Plain. By Andrew Chapman.
    • Fork-tailed Swifts in Roleystone. By Mike Green.