Volume 23, 2001 to 2002

Volume 23 No 4 November 30, 2002

  • Community involvement in the assessment of the health of selected remnants in south-western Australia. By V M Saffer.
    • Part I: General introduction.
    • Part II: Volunteer surveys as a reliable indicator of species richness and abundance
    • Part III: Assessing ecosystem health in selected remnants using data collected by volunteers.
    • Part IV: A new method for remnant vegetation evaluation, health assessment and indicators for restoration.
  • Seed-banks in two remnant reserves of contrasting location, ecology and management history in south-western Australia. By V M Saffer, S. Wild and S D.Hopper.
  • Index to Volume 23

Volume 23 No 3 January 31, 2002

  • Status of the Woma, Aspidites ramsayi, in south-west Western Australia. By Brad Maryan.
  • Colonisation by ants of a planted bush garden plot in Perth, Western Australia. By James Kain, Brian E Heterick and Jonathan D Majer.
  • Reproduction and egg incubation in the Western Bearded Dragon, Pogona minor. By Peter S Harlow, David J Pearson and Magnus Peterson.
  • The occurrence of Tetragonia decumbens and Trachyandra divaricata in southern Australia. By Petrus C Heyligers.
  • Herpetofauna survey of Maralla Road bushland. By Brad Maryan, Robert Browne-Cooper and Brian Bush.
  • Sea turtle records Barrow Island, Western Australia. By Kellie Pendoley. Little Crows Corvus bennetti on the coastal plain of south-western Australia. By Ian Rowley.
  • Notes on the eggs and burrows of two species of dragon lizards (Lophognathus longirostris and Lophognathus gilberti). By L A Smith.
  • An observation of nest burrow theft in the dragon lizard Gemmatophora longirostris. By Lindley McKay and Rohan H Clarke.
  • From Field And Study:
    • Little Corellas feeding on Pinus pinaster. By Kevin F. Kenneally.
    • Carnaby’s Cockatoos feeding on Liquidamber. By Kevin F. Kenneally.
    • Additional notes on the birds of Edithana Pool, Lyons River. By Stephen J. Reynolds.
    • Clutch of Varanus caudolineatus (Varanidae). By G G Thompson and S.A. Thompson.
    • Observations on green loopers (Chrysodeixix argentifera and C.eriosema) feeding on lavender. By Kevin Kenneally, Jean Paton and Marianne Lewis.
  • Obituary: Dr Joseph (Giuseppe) Gentilli. By John Dell

Volume 23 No 2 September 26 2001

  • Birds, Mammals and Flora of Gooseberry Hill: General Introduction. By Michael Brooker
  • Birds of Gooseberry Hill. By Michael Brooker.
  • Mammals of Gooseberry Hill. By Michael Brooker.
  • Plants of Gooseberry Hill. By Michael Brooker and Penny Hussey.

Volume 23 No 1 April 19 2001

  • Historic record of Australian Pelican, Pelecanus conspicillatus, breeding in southwest Western Australia. By I Abbott.
  • Birds of Kingston Rest north-east Kimberley, Western Australia. By K H Coate, R E Johnstone and G A Lodge.
  • The development of nature-based tourism in Western Australia. By K H Coate.
  • An unusual pelage colour of the common Sheath-Tailed Bat, Taphozous georgianus, from the Pilbara of Western Australia. By K.N. Armstrong and S.D. Anstee.