Volume 30, 2015-2017

Vol. 30 No. 1 June 2, 2015

  • James Pollard – Western Australia’s first freelance nature writer – with particular reference to his nom de plume ‘Mopoke’.
    By L.A. Smith and F. Smith.
  • Notes on the distribution and conservation status of the Perth Line Skink, Lerista lineata: A small lizard in a big city.
    By B. Maryan, G. Gaikhorst, M. O’Connell and S. Callan.
  • Status of Typha orientalis in Western Australia.
    By Greg Keighery and Steve McCabe.
  • Twenty-five years buried: Rediscovery of the Bungle Bungle Robust Slider, Lerista bunglebungle (Lacertilia: Sphenomorphidae).
    By Ray Lloyd.
  • Interesting natural history observations made by a ship-wrecked sailor on the Norwest Cape in 1875-76.
    By A.N. Start.
  • Contact calls of Baudin’s Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus baudinii.
    By R.E. Johnstone and T. Kirkby.
  • From Perth to Rottnest and back again: Silvereye movements across open water.
    By James L. Sansom and Mark D. Blythman.
  • Here today, gone tomorrow: A Mistletoe saga.
    By A.N. Start, J.D. Start and M.J. Start.
  • From Field and Study.