Volume 31, 2017-

  • Extension of counts of Carnaby’s Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) at two overnight roosting sites in metropolitan Perth. By P.F. Berry and M. Owen
  • Ursinia nana DC (Asteraceae) is naturalised in Western Australia. By Greg Keighery and Bronwen Keighery
  • Intra and interspecific interactions involving Mergolossa rubricata at bee blocks in urbanised south-western Australia. By Kit (Amy) Prendergast
  • Basking behaviour in Tiger Snakes, Notechis scutatus (Elapidae) at Herdsman Lake, Western Australia. By Paul Orange
  • Swan coastal plain studies: Taxonomic notes on Bossiaea eriocarpa Benth. and Bossiaea ornata (Lindl.) Benth. (Bossiaeeae: Fabaceae). By Greg Keighery
  • First Western Australian specimen of House Swift (Apus nipalensis) with notes on its distribution and migration. By R.E. Johnstone and B. Greatwich
  • From Field and Study