Previous Serventy Memorial lectures

April 2022

Biodiversity matters
Western Australia – people and nature influencing global decisions
Judy Fisher PhD

The Western Australian NATURALIST Vo. 32 No 4. p 165, 30 September 2022

April 2021

Urban Gardens
Creating Corridors of Habitat
Sabrina Hanh

2021 Event report


No lecture was held this year due to COVID-19

March 2019

Biodiversity & Human Health
Dr George Crisp

April 2018

Synergies: Living in a Land that Demands Movement
Noel Nannup

2018 Event report

April 2017

Living in a Biodiversity Hotspot
Kingsley Dixon

2017 Event report

April 2016

Shocking science: the natural history of animal electroreception
Professor Shaun Collin

March 2015

My Life as a Naturalist
Eric McCrum

March 2014

The Kimberley Coast – Naturally
Kevin Coate OAM

April 2013

Bird pollination of eucalypts on old landscapes: a new perspective
Professor Stephen Hopper, Winthrop Professor of Biodiversity CENRM (UWA Albany) and School of Plant Biology, UWA

2013 Event report

September 2012

“Wild about the Suburbs” Does wildlife have a place in our city?
Mike and Mandy Bamford, Ecologists and Environmental Educators

September 2011

Whose Museum is it anyway?
Alec Coles OBE, CEO of the WA Museum

September 2010

Under a Regent Moon
Professor Kevin Kenneally AM, University of Western Australia

March 2009

Western Australia: a Cornucopia of Biological Wonders
Professor Lyn Beazley AO, Chief Scientist

July 2008

Private Sector Conservation in Australia
Martin Copley (Founder and Chairman of Australian Wildlife Conservancy)

November 2007

Marsupial Tales: From Wallabies to Honey Possums
Professor Marilyn Renfree

November 2006

Humpback Whales
Micheline & Curt Jenner

September 2005

Protecting Australia’s World Heritage Values
John Sinclair

May 2004

Urban Naturalists’ Heritage: A review of research on and from Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Dr Steve Hopper, Chief Executive Officer of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority

October 2003

Vanished Giants of Western Australia:
Dr John Long, Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology, WA Museum

October 2002

Sustainability, Science, and Society in Western Australian Forest Management:
Dr Michael Calver, Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences, Murdoch University.

May 2001

Les terres Australes – the Squandering of a Legacy:
Professor Don Bradshaw, Department of Zoology, The University of Western Australia

February 2000

William Dampier – Australia’s First Naturalist Historian
Dr Alex George

May 1999

Kenya Safari: an Aussie Perspective
Jennifer & Barry Muir

October 1998

Broome & Beyond
Daphne Edinger & Kevin Kenneally

August 1996

Birds of Kings Park
Harry Recher

August 1991

Sea Lions and Death Adders/Recherche Archipelago
John Dell

June 1990

Inaugural lecture: The Individual and the Environment
Vincent Serventy