Alight: A Story of Fire and Nature¦BOOK REVIEW


A Story of Fire and Nature

By: Sam Lloyd
Illustrated by: Samantha Metcalfe

Hardback | June 2023 | $ 24.99
ISBN: 9781486315444 | 32 pages | 250 x 250 mm
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Colour illustrations

ePDF | June 2023
ISBN: 9781486315451
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Available from eRetailers

ePUB | June 2023
ISBN: 9781486315468
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Available from eRetailers

Teacher Notes are available as a free PDF download to support the use of this book in the classroom.

This book was provided to an 8-year-old girl to read and work through questions, recommended for ages 6-9.

She wrote in her own words, “The book was about a fire on the bush when they waited till it was ready and lit it. Then the animals were able to have their homes again, only having to wait till the smoke in the air stopped spreading, and their food was ready for winter.”

She liked the pictures and colour choices for the illustrations and found it easier to read with an adult than by herself. Her favourite was the antechinus, an old wombat, as he was the main character in the book. She learnt several new words about nature, e.g., Wallum Banksias.

She didn’t finish the book on her own as she felt too many huge words, and she is not a strong reader (her comment).

Arlene Quinn