Boshack¦A Weekend with KRM Branch

KRM Branch, 24 – 26 September 2022

Ten members participated in the 2022 September long weekend to Boshack Outback Camp, an Eco-friendly resort east of Bolgart, which was our base for the weekend’s activities. The host and assistants were all extremely friendly and helpful.

On the first morning, we were taken on a large trailer to view the farm, including the horses and the shearing shed, the original shack and the springs that supplied the resort with all the water. A nearby pond had large native crayfish in it. The resort was completely off-grid, with solar providing all power.

Next, we checked the gravel pit, just a short walk from the Camp. Here there was a beautiful display of Blue Lechanaultia. Among the many flowers were Schoenia cassiniana, Eremaea asterocarpa, Milkmaids, two Calytrix sp., three different perfumed Hakea sp., Pimelia floribunda, a Pink Flag, White Cottonheads, Common Catspaw, different peas, and Everlastings.

Over the weekend, we visited seven sites in all directions from Bolgart:

  1. Boshack,
  2. Wyening,
  3. Rica Erickson,
  4. Drummond,
  5. Camerer,
  6. Bolgart Golf Course and
  7. Pa’s Block (private).

The first three had the most prolific and varied number of plants, and we found nothing different in the others. Wandoo, other Eucalypts and Corymbia were the most prolific trees apart from the wet areas where the Casuarinas and Paperbarks dominated.

The best areas were those farthest from farmland, and we did not need to venture very far from the roads. Wyening Reserve is on Water Authority land, and different plants include Synaphea sp., Purple Tassels, Hemiandra pungens, Twining Milkwort, a tiny Goodenia, and the unwelcome Cape Bluebell. Rica Erickson and defence land over Old Plains Road offered more finds, including a lot of Isopogon divergens, Peas, Jug Orchid, Hibbertia and Running Postman, Common White Spider Orchids, Donkey and the Pink and Purple Enamel Orchids. All the sites had Pterostylis and Donkey Orchids that had finished flowering, while the Cowslips and some Blue Fairies were still in good condition. The White Spider was seen at all sites.

Bird species sighted over the weekend included Splendid Wren, Crested Pigeon, Common Bronze Wing, Grey Butcher Bird, Osprey, Grey Shrike Thrush, Scarlet Robin, Striated Pardalote, and White-cheeked Honeyeater.
See Page 2 for the complete bird list.

Also seen were Long-necked Turtles, a Goanna, and a Kangaroo with a Joey in its pouch, plus we saw a lot of Skinks and a Scorpion. It was a great weekend, summed up by Lynnette Goodale’s comment that it ‘ticked all the boxes’.

Thanks to Ailsa Rabone, Lynnette Goodale, Bob Goodale (photos) and Gillian Beadell for their contributions to this report.