Kwinana Rockingham Mandurah Branch

The Kwinana Rockingham Mandurah Branch (KRMB) of the W.A. Naturalists’ Club was formed in 1980. Members learn from other naturalists and scientists, complete landcare and bushcare projects, give talks and lectures to students and other groups and work at displays and community awareness when opportunities arise.

They have developed nature reserves and printed brochures, conducted surveys and, annually, planted many thousands of trees. There is a video of activities available. Various members discuss and write up submissions on issues of environmental importance. Monthly general and committee meetings and social gatherings generate exchange and motivate continued conservation commitments.


Committee 2018


  • Bert Rabone


  • Rosalie Barritt


  • Ailsa Rabone

Committee Members

  • Pauline Dilley
  • Bob Goodale
  • Diana Hitchin
  • Chris Punter
  • Colin Prickett