Itinerary for Long Range Excursion October 2018

Itinerary Long Range Excursion 9-18th October 2018

Trip route accessible by 2 wheel drive (some short excursions in Fitzgerald River National Park (FRNP) may be 4×4 when we will try lift sharing if suitable).

Self driving and self catering with own camping equipment, but travelling and camping together. Toilets will be available at camps but no showers in FRNP.

NO WATER and NO FUEL available in FRNP.

Option for those who prefer not to camp, welcome to join us for days 1-4 or 1-5 only.

Cabin accommodation available at Stirling Range Retreat and onsite van at Tozer’s Bush Camp (only one van available at Tozer’s).

Day 1 Tuesday 9/10/18

  1. Drive to and check in Stirling Range Retreat, Chester Pass Road, Amelup WA,
    5-6 hrs from Perth including rest stop 400km from Perth. Phone 98279229.
    A park entry fee of $12 ($6 concession) per vehicle applies for Stirling Range National Park
    Camping: $16/adult unpowered site/night, $36/2 adults powered site/night
    Park cabins – a range of accommodation types available from $95/n
    Because of multiple choices we ask you to please book your own camping/accommodation for the 2 nights at Stirling Range Retreat.
    Leader will book and pay for wildflower and bird tours.
  2. Set up camp
    3:30pm Group meeting at the Camp Kitchen, please inform leader if running late.
    Welcome, information and check safe arrivals.
  3. Hidden Treasures dusk walk $20pp (only 8 people, if numbers exceed this will book session for evening of Wed 10th). All proceeds to Birdlife WA.

Day 2 Wednesday 10/10/2018

Drive to Yongernow Malleefowl centre, Jaekel street Ongerup, 59 km – 45 mins phone 0898282325 $10/pp entry fee. (for > 8 people advance booking necessary).
The Yongergnow Sanctuary was established in 2014. It covers ~5ha of native bush, and is surrounded by a state of the art vermin-proof fence. Malleefowl conservation through education and awareness-raising. Captive breeding and release program. From 2010 to 2016 sixty-nine Malleefowl eggs have either been incubated or bred at Yongergnow. Research centre with ongoing work.

Day 3 Thursday 11/10/18 –

Take down camp, check out Stirling Range Retreat.

  1. Hidden treasures Orchid and Wildflower walk $49pp bus trip (12 people only).
  2. Drive to Bremer Bay, check in Tozer’s Bushcamp, Lot 52 Ocomup Rd Bremer Bay, phone 0428 371 015. 1.5 – 2 hours depending on route.
    $15/adult, all unpowered sites. 1 (one) onsite van available, unpowered.
    Well equipped camp kitchen and ablutions.

Set up camp.

Please book your own accommodation for the 2 nights at Tozer’s camp.
Leader will book and pay for tours, Robert is the proprietor.

Day 4 Friday 12/10/18

  1. Spend day exploring Tozer’s property.
    “700 acres of typically beautiful Western Australian bushland”.
  2. Either self guided bush walk ($10pp) or bus tour with botanist ($30pp), please inform leader of your choice of either self led or bus tour.

Day 5 Saturday 13/10/18

Take down camp, check out Tozers Bush camp.

  1. Drive to Beringa (Bush Heritage Australia Gondwanalink), close to South West H/way near to Jerramungup, just over 1 hour drive. Alison Lullfitz ,previous Serventy student has agreed to meet us there to discuss her research with Noongar elders in this reserve.
  2. Refuel and top up water and other provisions in Bremer Bay before entering FRNP.
    Respect dieback risks and follow boot and/or vehicle cleaning guidelines, look out for cleaning stations. Consider carrying a boot brush and meths spray in your vehicle.
  3. Drive to Quaalup Wilderness park, off Gairdner road. No fee mentioned.
    Self guided walk through bushland/gardens – interpretive signage.
  4. Drive to west Fitzgerald River National Park
    A park entry fee of $12 ($6 concession) per vehicle applies for Fitzgerald River National Park, please pay individually as some participants have park passes.
  5. Check in St Mary’s Inlet. $8/adult/night

Set up camp.

Day 6 Sunday 14/10/18

  1. Pt Ann, whale watching although late in season.
  2. Coastal walks and walks along St Mary’s inlet.
  3. West Mount Barren.
  4. Mount Maxwell.

Day 7 Monday 15/10/18

Take down camp St Mary’s inlet.

  1. Drive to east Fitzgerald River National Park – no through access, need to exit and enter again on east.
    A park entry fee of $12 ($6 concession) per vehicle applies for Fitzgerald River National Park, please pay own fees.
  2. Check out Silo art in Ravensthorpe.
  3. Check in Hamersley inlet camp,

Set up camp.

  1. Explore Hammersley inlet.
  2. Walk to West Beach.

Day 8 Tuesday 16/10/18

  1. Take down camp Hamersley inlet
  2. East Mount Barren
  3. Barrens lookout

Drive to 4 Mile beach camp, check in and set up camp $11/adult/night

Day 9 Wednesday 17/10/18

  1. 4 mile beach
  2. Barrens beach
  3. Sepulcralis hill
  4. No tree hill

Day 10 Thursday 18/10/18

Take down camp 4 Mile beach

Drive to Perth

Birdlife has a citizen science project called Cocky Watch in which we hope to participate. I’ll copy some forms although may be able to enter data through birdata app.

Costs summary

Own responsibility to cover these costs please:

  • Stirling Range Retreat camping/ accommodation: Please book and pay for your own camping or accommodation
  • Tozer’s bush camp camping/ accommodation: Please book and pay for your own camping or accommodation
  • National Park fees Stirling Range and FRNP: Please pay your own entry fees if applicable

To be arranged and paid by leader:

  • All wildflower tours (inform leader of your choice for Tozer wildflower tours)
  • Birdwatching tour Stirling Range Retreat
  • Malleefowl entry and tour
  • All FRNP camping fees
  • Yongernow Malleefowl centre