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Western Explorer Expedition

12-Day Easy Camping Tour – Departs Broome 17 July 2024 – Max 12 participants

On this tour we travel from Broome to Perth through Western Australia’s outback country. Rugged ancient landscapes including Karijini National Park, Mt Augustus and the Kennedy Ranges are not easy locations to get to, but are well worth the journey. This 12-day tour is an ideal way to explore all three in one go, and to top it off, the trip has been timed to coincide with WA’s spectacular northern wildflower season. Also enjoy the ease and relaxed pace of Easy Camping – no more setting up tents at the end of the day, instead they will be ready and waiting so all you have to do is relax, explore or freshen up!

South West National Parks

13-Day Accommodated Tour – Departs Perth 12 October 2024 – Max 12 participants

Western Australia’s beautiful South West region is one of the worlds 34 recognised biodiversity hotspots. Nearly 80% of the plant species in the SW are not found anywhere else on earth, making the area extremely unique. Our visit is also during the southern wildflower season – come and experience the colourful varieties for yourself! Tour highlights include National Parks (Dryandra Woodland, Fitzgerald River, Stirling Range, Cape Le Grande and Waychinicup), and other natural wonders like Wave Rock, Woody Island, Pink Lake and the Valley of the Giants’ Tree Top Walk.

Borneo Wildlife Adventure

14-Day Accommodated Tour – Departs Kuching 15 October 2024 – Max 12 participants

On our jungle adventure, we travel to the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia to the world’s third-largest island, Borneo, where jungles and rainforests dominate the landscape and life flourishes beneath the forest canopy. This rugged island is extremely rich in biodiversity; some 222 mammals, 420 birds, 150 reptiles, 100 amphibians and over 15,000 plants call the island home. Bird watchers, botany enthusiasts and general wildlife viewers alike will be delighted by the sheer variety of fauna and flora. We hope you will join us as we explore the wildlife of Borneo!

Costa Rica Wildlife Safari

17-Day Accommodated Tour – Departs San Jose 25 October 2024 – Maximum of 12 participants

Costa Rica is world-renowned for its biodiversity and exotic wildlife, from sloths and jaguars to toucans and hummingbirds. On this 17-day tour we will explore mangroves, riverways and rainforests, starting in the tropical coastal lowlands. Moving further inland, the landscape becomes more temperate with different birds, plants and other wildlife. We then visit Costa Rica’s volcanic highlands and experience the country’s spectacular cloud forests. With over 500,000 species of flora and fauna, this small country counts for 4% of all species on Earth.

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