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DRB : Fungi Walk Postponed due to lack of fungi specimens – to be rescheduled

28 May 2023, 10:00 am-12:30 pm

Dr Laurton McGurk has agreed to lead us on a fungi walk.

This will be at the cr, of Morton and Anembo Road, Korung National Park.

Bring along your curiosity, fungi references you may have ( some books available)  we provide Loop Eye Magnifiers however if you have a mirror on a stick for seeing on the underside of fungi that may be useful.

We last surveyed this walk in 2019 so lets hope for plenty of rain in autumn to bring the fungi out.


any questions please contact


About Dr Laurton McGurk, Chemical Safety Officer at University of Western Australia and enthusiastic mycophile, this report was July 2018 around the UWA campus to look for mushrooms and other fungi. Her inspiration was the general, often voiced opinion that fungi are uncommon; Laurton was on a mission to show that this is wrong.All it needs is knowledge of what to look for, where to look, and sufficient athleticism to peer under steps or logs.

Laurton started by explaining that fungi were now recognised as being in their own kingdom, more closely related to animals than plants. There are believed to be over 1.5 million species of fungi. Unlike green plants, they do not contain chlorophyll and they cannot make their own food; consequently they are important in nutrient recycling, as mycorrhizal symbionts of plants, and as parasites of both plants and animals. They are also important as items of food, and in the food industry. Their classification is based on macroscopic and microscopic traits, but DNA sequencing is becoming very important to clarify relationships. A magnificent display of specimens above : ink caps, the academic inocybe, earthstars, bird’s nests, amanitas, morels and many more.

Laurton gave such an enthusiastic presentation to our club in 2018 so sharing our local fungal flora, will encourage you to get out an about looking for more specimens.


Arlene Quinn


Anembo Road
Carmel Western Australia 6076 Australia + Google Map