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CLUB Annual General Meeting 2020

7 February, 7:30 pm-9:30 pm

In changing the way we hold the AGM for the Club, it has been decided that the February 2020 AGM will be a ‘Club Members Only’ event, without a keynote speaker. This year club members are encouraged to bring a natural history item—be it a physical item, a photo (or two), or a highlight of an activity in one form or another of the past year. It will be a ‘Members’ Show and Tell’ event, where at the end we…

Macro-photography, peacock spiders & other arachnids as never seen before, with Paul Irvine – DRB Nats

14 February, 7:15 pm-9:30 pm

Paul Irvine and his 12yr old son Joshua will show you astounding photographs of close-ups of spiders and other insects. They will talk about spiders and macro-photography as amateur enthusiasts and focus on species of arachnids such as jumping spiders including Maratus the peacock spiders, wolf spiders, orb weavers and huntsman amongst others. That's not all - you'll also see and learn about other inverts such as ants, leaf hoppers, toad bugs and paradise flies fin our local area in the Perth Hills and how they have found them, identify them and use simple methods of shooting them (with a camera of course). If you like nature photography, insects, spiders or just want a great night out - come and join us in Woodlupine Hall in Forestfield.

Stargazing under the night sky: Excursion led by Art Harvey from the Observatory – DRB

22 February, 7:15 pm-10:00 pm

A naked-eye tour of the Southern Night Sky in February 2020, led by Art Harvey an experienced guide from the Observatory. Art will use a powerful laser pointer to direct attention to each object we see. Venus will be dipping towards the western horizon early in the evening. To the north along the ecliptic plane, we will see the zodiacal constellations Taurus and Gemini ...and this is only the beginning there will be much more to see. The moon will not be visible from 7.30pm to midnight and the Oval lights will be turned off so viewing of the night sky will be optimal. It is an exciting follow-up to the brilliant talk Art gave to the DRB Nats in 2019 - he is back by popular demand. Please book in...

Birds in your garden street or reserve in Armadale – workshop – DRB

7 March, 9:15 am-12:30 pm

An interactive, highly informative and fascinating workshop on the birds in your garden, street or reserve in the city of Armadale - how to identify, attract and care for them. Would you like to know how to recognise and name the different birds in your garden, street or reserve or how to attract more of them to your garden, or what kinds of food and habitat they need? If so, this is for you - especially if you live in or around the City of Armadale, as it will focus specifically on the birds in that area. Two bird enthusiasts and members of the The Darling Range Branch of the WA Naturalists Club (DRB Nats), Rachel and Mike Green, have teamed up with the City of Armadale to put on this popular workshop, it will book out fast, join them and leave inspired.

All about trees with arborist and champion tree climber, Michael Byrne – at DRB Nats

13 March, 7:15 pm-9:30 pm

Trees and more local trees - in all their many aspects with Arborist, Michael Bryne. He will help us better identify the different trees in the Perth Hills, their bark differences, their flowers, their fruit, nuts, etc. He will also talk about what lives in the trees/tree hollows, and explain the ecology of trees – the role trees play in the environment, their reproduction, the animals and birds that depend on them, leaf litter and how it is a necessary part of the environment, their nutrient cycle … and more. He will bring wood samples from many different trees to show us. As a special bonus, Michael also hopes to give us a tree climbing demonstration. He is a champion tree climber. Come join us - remember our venue changed in October 2019 to Woodlupine Community Centre hall in Forrestfield. See you there.

The amazing world family of dogs: barkers and biters, by Mike Griffiths – DRB Nats

3 April, 7:15 pm-9:30 pm

Mike Griffiths has grown up in the DRB Nats and at the age of 14 gave a talk on "Dogs of the world." Our older members still remember it with enthusiasm. Now Mike returns to give us an updated version of his talk - now he is slightly older and knows even more about them. Dogs make very popular pets in the Perth Hills and beyond - come join us to learn all about them. Please note: The second Friday of the month is Good Friday, so this meeting will be held on Friday 3rd April.

Spiders and other creepy-crawlies of the Perth Hills, with Dr Mark Harvey, @ the DRB

8 May, 7:15 pm-9:30 pm

Dr Mark Harvey, is the Head, of Terrestrial Zoology and Senior Curator, Arachnids & Myriapods at the WA Museum. Although insects are the dominant organisms that inhabit the earth’s terrestrial ecosystems, arachnids such as spiders, mites and scorpions are also abundant and extremely diverse. Spiders are common inhabitants of all land environments, and can be routinely found in and around houses in the Perth Hills but can you identify them? Do you know how they reproduce, what they eat, and who eats them and which are or are not dangerous? This presentation covers some of the more common species that occur in the Perth Hills, including insights into their diversity and conservation. The cast includes trapdoor spiders, red-back spiders, daddy-long-leg spiders, orb-weaving spiders, peacock spiders and scorpions, among many others. Dr Mark Harvey will provide a brief synopsis of the spiders and talk about some of his favourite spiders. Join us for a great night at the DRB.

Medicinal plants of the Perth Hills from a Noongar perspective, with Marissa Verma @ DRB Nats

12 June, 7:15 pm-9:30 pm

Marissa Verma is the Managing Director of Bindi Bindi Dreaming, where she is passionate about bringing Noongar culture to the community. Since 2000 she and her family-owned company have been delivering 100% authentic Aboriginal guided tours to visitors from both the Domestic and International tourism market as well local people living here in Perth and surrounds. She provides walks, talks and cultural experiences to showcase the unique Noongar culture of Perth. She also has a background in natural resource management and studied environmental science at Curtin University. She was a big hit at the club last year when she presented with Mark Tucek on Tuckerbush plants and now she is coming back on her own so we can learn about Medicinal plants of the Perth Hills from a Noongar perspective.Join us fro a great evening.

DRB meeting – topic to be decided

10 July, 7:15 pm-9:30 pm

DRB meeting - topic to be decided - Friday 10th July 2020.

DRB Nats meeting – topic to be announced

14 August, 7:15 pm-9:30 pm

DRB Nats meeting - topic to be announced.

Enjoying the Australian bush – a flora, fauna and bird walk in Beverley – with the DRB

30 August, 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Excursion: "Enjoying the Australian Bush" A flora, fauna and bird walk in two reserves near Beverley - a joint excursion with Phyllis Facey and the Beverley Naturalist Club. Meet at Brooking Street Reserve just out of Beverley. Morning tea provided and then Phyllis Facey will lead us on a walk through the reserve. Then we have lunch at the local oval - please bring your own. Then Phyllis will lead the group to a reserve at Talbot and Audrey from York River Conservation group will lead us on a the walk through there. It will be a wonderful day in spring-time and fabulous to be with other naturalists who know the area really well. All welcome.

DRB Nats meeting – topic to be announced

11 September, 7:15 pm-9:30 pm

DRB Nats meeting - topic to be announced

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