Donating to the Club

The Western Australian Naturalists’ Club is an incorporated, non-profit organisation formed to encourage the enjoyment of natural history, as well as research and dissemination of information on all aspects of natural history in Western Australia.

Since 2007, the WA Naturalists’ Club Inc has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) that can receive tax deductible gifts. and the Western Australian Naturalists’ Fund was created to receive donations. Gifts of two dollars or more are tax deductible for the donor. Under this arrangement it is not possible for you to direct your tax deductible gift into a particular cause although suggestions are welcome.

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Why donate to the Western Australian Naturalists’ Fund?

    • Despite considerable volunteer time and effort, the annual membership subscriptions are largely consumed by the general day-to-day running costs – such as venue hire, the Journal, the monthly Newsletter, insurance, office costs, internet/web hosting.
    • The benefits of Club membership have a lot to do with the social benefits of getting out and about with people who an insatiable curiosity about the natural world about them; BUT the Club mission goes further than this, as it is also about encouraging a wider understanding and appreciation of our natural environment within the Western Australian community.

With your support we can continue to pursue our wider goals and initiatives to:

    • educate the public on the uniqueness and diversity of WA’s natural environment and the importance of conserving our biodiversity;
    • educate the public and administrators in WA about the vital role fungi play in the health of our bushland through funding to the Perth Urban Bushland Fungi Project;
    • encourage young people to further their interest in natural history by presenting the annual Serventy Memorial prizes to outstanding students at the four WA universities; and support environmental research.

Donating to the Western Australian Naturalists’ Fund

    • To make a donation, please print the donation form and send to the WA Naturalists’ Club office. One off and yearly donations will be receipted shortly after your donation has been processed.
    • Why not add a donation with your membership renewal?
    • Why not make a regular monthly donation?
      This is one of the most effective ways to contribute. Your ongoing support gives us the security to make long-term commitments to our programs and branches, enabling us to plan ahead and be more effective.
    • The Club will send you a tax deductible receipt at the end of the financial year for regular givers.
    • Of course, the Club also welcomes a gift to the WA Naturalists’ Club in your Will, or donations in kind.

There are many ways that you can help or promote the WA Naturalists’ Club. If you want to know more, please contact the Club’s office  and ask for our  donation brochure or call on our our Treasurer for assistance.

Download the donation form