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Rocking Around Australia

JULY Semi-retired geologist Peter Alcock is fascinated by the influence of natural earth processes over long periods of time on landscapes, human history and behaviour. His presentation, illustrated with stunning photos and appropriate musical interludes (of “Rock” music of our youth) took us through a geological journey spanning 4500 Ma ...

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Fish of the Perth Hills

AUGUST: Suzanne Thompson, an Environmental Officer at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, started her talk with a video taken downstream of the Canning Dam. It showed the various fish we have in the dams, remnant pools and streams of the Canning River and Helena valley areas. She explained ...

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Wedge-tailed Eagles

Our speaker was Simon Cherriman, a long-time member of the Nats’ Club (DRB Branch) and a former Serventy Memorial Prize-winning student. Wedge-tailed Eagles have been Simon’s passion since he was a child, when he would explore the bush by bike and make detailed notes on his sightings. His skill at ...

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