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The Inside Out of Flies¦BOOK REVIEW

Author: Erica McAlister, Entomologist , Senior Curator of Diptera at the Natural History Museum, LondonPublisher: CSIRO Publishing (sales in Australia and New Zealand)(book available in other countries from: Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London)Illustrated with colour photographs and high-resolution microscope imagesAwards: Winner of the Zoological Society of London Award ...

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Plants and Animals of the North-West: some case studies from 50,000 years of archaeology

A talk presented to the Northern Suburbs Branch AUGUST 2020 by PROFESSOR PETER VETH (UWA) As an introduction, Pete briefly reviewed the two postulated options for migration into Australia – via Sulawesi and New Guinea (the northern route), or across the Sahul Shelf from Timor (the southern route) – keeping ...

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