Orchids: Identification and Ecology of Southwest Australian Orchids. A User-friendly Guide

Following on from the launch, on 10th December 2014, Mark Brundrett’s new  Identification and Ecology of Southwest Australian Orchids A User-friendly Guide you are advised that this book, published by the Western Australian Naturalists’ Club, is now available for immediate purchase from the Club. See our book page for ordering and enquiries.

This book is divided into two sections, each of which has a different purpose. The introductory chapters provide an overview of the orchid family and describes unique features of their biology and ecology. Key topics include the global importance of Western Australia as an orchid diversity hotspot, the amazing interactions between orchids and pollinating insects, an overview on orchid conservation issues and advice for orchid tourists.

The second larger section of the book focuses on orchid identification with keys and pictorial guides to species as well as information on the pollination, ecology, cultivation, and taxonomy of each genus. For each species, a brief description focuses on defining features with the majority of space used for photos that clearly show identifying features. There are over 1500 detailed photographs of orchids. This book is designed to be user friendly by limiting the use of terminology in keys ,but also aims to make identification as easy and accurate as possible.

Dr Mark Brundrett is a Senior Ecologist in the Department of Parks and Wildlife and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia. His work fits within the intersecting realms of mycology, botany, ecology, conservation biology, forestry and soil science. Mark’s currently working to restore banksia woodlands for threatened birds and orchids on Perth’s Swan Coastal Plain. He has also investigated threats and undertaken recovery actions for endangered orchids in the West Australian wheatbelt and has written a guide to WA orchid ecology and identification.