BackyardBio Campaign

Explore the nature around you. Observe, Documenting and Sharing them online.

MAY 2021

Conservation starts with awareness. We cannot protect or value what we don’t understand – and that understanding begins with action we can take TODAY. Through BackyardBio (, our goal is to provide an easy, fun and engaging experience you can run from anywhere on earth alone or together with friends, family or students that will inspire you to learn more, get excited about the natural world and want to take action to make a positive difference! Come join us!

Spend part of the month of May getting outside and exploring your backyard, front yard, neighbourhood, school yard, local parks and conservation areas to find as many different species of plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, crustaceans, molluscs, echinoderms, fungi (you name it!) as you can. This can be a big family or classroom project or just ten minutes looking and listening to see what you discover – every minute engaging with the natural world is valuable! Take photos of everything you see!

There are three ways to take part and share what you discovered!

Social media: Sharing your images all month long on Twitter or Instagram with #backyardbio is the easiest way to take part. It only takes a second, and by following the hashtag you’ll get to see other amazing images from around the globe!

iNaturalist/Seek Apps: These apps will not only help you identify the organisms that live near you but will also connect you to a huge network of naturalists online and allow you to contribute to real citizen science! You’ll be able to share images and get feedback from real scientists and other naturalists on what you’ve discovered!

How to start?

First, create an iNaturalist account at or download from the App Store or Google Play. Now, get out there are start taking photos!

The video highlighting all of this in a hopefully neat package is here: BackyardBio Summary!