Australia’s Most Elusive Bird
Penny Olsen

Paperback | September 2018 | $ 49.99 
ISBN: 9781486302987 | 368 pages | 245 x 170 mm 
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing 
Illustrations, Photographs 

ePDF | September 2018 
ISBN: 9781486302994 
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing 
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Penny Olsen’s new book tells a wholly human story of hopes kindled and dashed, tall stories told, of deception and ultimate success dating back to initial sightings of Australia’s rarest bird in the 1800s.

With extensive footnotes and references, Ms Olsen does an admirable job of recording in great detail the controversies, conflicts, claims and counter-claims that have turned the Nights Parrot’s very existence into mythology.

The lay reader may find the detail overwhelming but those with a passion for unlocking mysteries and hidden truths will find much to enjoy in Night Parrot.

June Butcher