Fun Fungi Clothing

‘Fungi-gals’ Sapphire Mc Mullen and Roz Hart are arranging to print a special order of gorgeous mycologically-themed clothing in collaboration with a high quality supplier of batik. As those of you who purchased the fungi shirts initially conceived for the 2011 Fungimap conference are well aware, these cotton clothes are fun, comfortable and durable. Many Nats Club members can still be seen wearing their lovely batik fungi clothes. Roz promises to wear one of hers to the Christmas BBQ; she invites everyone who has one to wear theirs too. When Sapphire spoke to our general meeting (on the topic of fungi and conservation—of course!) several years ago when she was living in Perth, she later told me she thought she’d died and gone to heaven. So many of the audience were wearing these batik shirts she’d put so much effort into designing, she was blown away with delight.

If this year’s sales are successful we will consider repeating with a range of different designs, colours and styles in the future.

Orders need to be received at the latest by 20 December 2017, and the clothing will arrive in Australia in March 2018.

Please visit the website at to peruse the range of styles and colours that we are offering. Do feel free to order as soon as you wish.

Roz would be interested to hear how long your shirts /dresses have lasted. She’s still wearing hers, though they are now looking rather faded. However they have become, if possible, even more comfortable.

Roz Hart & Sapphire McMullen