Serventy Memorial Lecture 2016

Shocking science:
the natural history of animal electroreception

07/February/2013 Western Australia. Perth.Researchers at Aqwa in Hillary's..Shaun Collin..© JOAN COSTA
Researchers at AQWA in Hillary’s..Shaun Collin..© JOAN COSTA

Professor Shaun Collin will demystify the amazing, but little known, ability of animals to sense weak electric fields. Used by a range of different animals (both aquatic and terrestrial), this sensitive sensory modality is typically used to locate food in the absence of all other senses but can be also used for a number of other important functions. Particular attention will be paid to how sharks and their relatives use electroreception and translating this knowledge into ways of reducing the risk of shark attack.
Professor Shaun Collin is the Deputy Director of the UWA Oceans Institute, a Western Australian Premiers Fellow and Winthrop Professor within the School of Animal Biology at The University of Western Australia.

DATE: Wednesday, 13 April at 7.30pm

VENUE: Ross LectureTheatre, UWA.  <= Click on name for map

COST: $20 Enquiries: 9389 8289

The Serventy Memorial Fund is a memorial to the contribution by the Serventy family to the Western Australian Naturalists’ Club with the aim of assisting and encouraging young people in the study of natural history. The Serventy Memorial Lecture is the main source of funding for the Serventy Memorial Prizes for students awarded annually at the four WA universities.