A botanical journey from Toodyay through New Norcia to Mt Lesueur

Shire of Toodyay Curator Margie Eberle

Taking up the Trail

The exhibition follows the original tracks taken from Toodyay via New Norcia northwards to Mt Lesueur by James Drummond 1786-1863, Western Australia’s first government botanist, followed by Charles Gardner 1896-1970, many years later.

The incredible knowledge the Aboriginal people had of plants and their many varied uses, knowledge that was not readily accepted by the newcomers to Australia, is recognised.

Included in the text are names such as Ferdinand Bauer 1760-1826, Georgiana Molloy 1805-1843, Lady Margaret Forrest 1844-1929, Emily Pelloe 1878-1941, Edgar Dell 1901-2008 and Rica Erickson 1908-2009.

Much exquisite botanical art work has been contributed in the past and is continued by the Botanical Artists Group WA (BAG WA).