Leaf and branch




Trees and tall shrubs of Perth

Perth’s trees and tall shrubs give us a sense of place and support an abundance of life. This classic book helps the reader not only to identify them but also to understand and appreciate them. It describes the appearance and character of each species, its area of occurrence, value to other forms of life, and place in the human record. Introductory and closing chapters provide the context, discussing soil-types, plant communities, associated life, the beauty of our local trees and shrubs, the threats to their survival, and what the reader can do to help conserve them.

Delicate line-drawings reflect the emphasis on each tree or shrub as a whole entity, revealing typical patterns of growth, the mature character of each species. Drawings of insects, birds and other forms of life draw attention to ecological interactions.

This is the second reprint of the long out-of-print second edition that was thoroughly updated and revised in 2009 and that had additional information and more illustrations. The first reprint of 2019 and this 2023 reprint have no update of the text.

Leaf and Branch makes a fine gift. It is designed to be read at leisure or used in the field as a quick-reference tool. It is highly suitable for nature-lovers, for students of any age, for the visitor to Western Australia — indeed for anyone attracted to the often subtle beauty of Perth’s trees and tall shrubs.