Anniversary Breakfast 2022

KRM Branch, 24TH July 2022

As is the tradition, KRMB members got together for a breakfast gathering to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of KRMB. The venue was the Palm Beach Café on the Rockingham foreshore looking out onto Cockburn Sound and Garden Island, and we were treated to a nice fine morning.

A total of 17 members and past members attended. It was good to catch up with Otto and Anne Mueller, and Margaret Shepherd once more, with Otto bringing some newspaper cuttings and photographs from around the time when KRMB was formed that highlighted to our newer members the good work that KRMB members did in the protection of the local environment.

C. Prickett

It was a delightful get-together that was capped off by a pod of dolphins making an appearance right in front of the café.

Colin Prickett