Beach and Dune Discovery¦Invertebrate and Herpetofauna Survey

Young Nats

The Young Nats living in the northern suburbs were recently invited to join in two activities conducted or co-hosted by the Friends of North Ocean Reef-Iluka Foreshore, which is co-ordinated by Don Poynton, the Chairman of the Northern Suburbs Branch.

In April the Young Nats participated in the Beach and Dune Discovery Day where they were able to collect, identify and catalogue specimens found on the shore (below, D Farrell).


In May several Young Nats joined entomologist David Knowles from Spineless Wonders in an Invertebrate and Herpetofauna survey at Iluka Foreshore Coastal Reserve. After releasing insects caught the night before, they helped David examine pitfall traps and nets (below, D Poynton). David not only identified the specimens but told them about the life cycle of many of the invertebrates.

  J:\Coastcare\FNORIF\Invertebrate Survey\2018\Photos\20180421\2018-05-06 002\P5060048.JPG

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Left: Tailed Scorpion, D Poynton. Right: Tailless Pseudoscorpion, J Richards

Finding both the common Tailed Scorpion and the much rarer Tailless Pseudoscorpion was a highlight.

Don Poynton