Boola Bardip Field Trip

KRM Branch 23rd MAY 2021

The KRM Branch May excursion was to the WA Museum Boola Bardip and around a dozen members met at the front entrance ready to explore the new museum that has only recently been opened to the public. Rather than book a tour, we had chosen to explore areas of interest in our own time.

We decided to commence on Level 3 where the Connections and Wildlife Galleries are located. The Wildlife Gallery was of great interest to our group and would consume most of the morning and resulted in the group becoming spread out as those with an interest in a particular area would take more time to take in all that was on display while others moved on more quickly. The displays in the Wildlife Gallery were very informative and extremely well set out, with the inclusion of some live specimens a nice touch. There was certainly too much on display to cover in any detail in this report.

After already having used up a large portion of the morning, a walk through the Connections Gallery was at a quicker pace, probably not doing it justice as there was so much to take in. Some of us then stopped to have a spot of lunch in the café where we reflected on how well the new museum had been designed and constructed. It is certainly a great asset for Perth and the whole state.

There was one more display that most of us wanted to view and after a few wrong turns we finally arrived at the corridor that allowed viewing of the Blue Whale Skeleton.

The blue whale “Otto” skeleton H. Verweij

It did not disappoint, giving us a true indication of how large these whales are. A view from below reinforced this fact. This was a good way to conclude our visit to the WA Museum Boola Bardip, it had been great few hours. We all left with the knowledge that there is a lot more to see and that this would not be the last time we visited this great facility. It is a credit to all those who were involved in the redevelopment.

Colin Prickett