Carmel Walk Trail 2020

DRBNats Excursion 27th September 2020

Carmel Walk Trail 2020

A small group of 7 DRB members met, taking suitable Covid 19 safe precautions, for our return to excursions. We also had six adult and one child visitor, coming from west and north side of City. Wildflower identification book and a walk trail map was provided with people keeping to small groups. Mike Green stepped up and lead the bird group.

Everyone was encouraged to write down any flora, fauna or fungi seen, and there were different species seen in the spring from the previous walk in June 2019. We have created a Flora Survey table as the list.

There were several species of unidentified Fungi seen. Likely Panaeolus species – inkcaps or Mottle gills as found in horse manure. Also, Pycnoporus coccineus – Scarlet Bracket Fungus on a dead tree. There was no one on the walk to identify insects although an abundance of ants and large nests were seen.

Recommendations: It was recognised that there are many excellent walks around the area with more diversity of flora. Visitor’s feedback was excellent. They learnt a significant amount from members and were looking forward to coming to meetings in the future with a view to joining the Club/Branch, so it is a good recruitment strategy for the Branch.

Compiled from members notes and Arlene Quinn Asst Excursions Coordinator DRB

see page 2 for Bird List of the day