Christmas BBQ 2020

December 2020

It was good to have a total of 18 members attend the KRMB Xmas BBQ at Naragebup. It was especially pleasing to get together with some members that we do not see very often, as they are no longer able to participate actively in KRMB Meetings or outings. A BBQ was available for those who wished to cook lunch and this was soon put to use. All had a very enjoyable lunch. Margaret Shepherd won the Xmas Hamper raffle, a very popular winner.

Of course, being naturalists and being at an outdoor venue the opportunity to explore the shrubs for insects could not be passed up. Daniel Heald provided the following list of invertebrates found.

Pollinators on a single Quandong included at least five different families of fly; wasps from the Tiphiidae, Sphecidae, and Gasteruptiidae; Brown Flower Chafers and Stinking Longicorns. In addition, Acyphas semiochrea, the Omnivorous Tussock Moth was feeding on the leaves; a Glossy Predatory Shield Bug Cermatulus nasalis (and eggs thereof) was hunting the caterpillars; a Long-legged Predatory Fly was hunting smaller flies; and a fly killed by Fly Destroyer Fungus was glued to one of the leaves. Spiders on the bush included Walckenaer’s Studded Arkys and the Cyclops Jumping Spider Opisthoncus polyphemus. The Crab Spider Tmarus projectus was found on the chairs at the outdoor table.

It was a good way to finish KRMB activities for 2020. Though it had been a year with some difficulties caused by Covid-19, it is true to say that we have not been as severely affected as other areas of the country.

Colin Prickett