Christmas Lunch with the KRM Branch


There was a good turn-out of members for the Christmas lunch at Lake Richmond on December 16. It was especially good to catch up with some old friends that are no longer able to participate in our activities, such as Margaret Shepherd and Margaret Telford. It was also good to see past stalwarts such as Otto Mueller and Peter Wilmott (who kindly brought Margaret Telford). The weather conditions were not favourable for a walk around the lake prior to lunch, with grey overcast conditions and a strong wind that made the lake itself very choppy. Consequently, we remained within the relative shelter afforded by the pergolas in the picnic area. A very enjoyable time was had by all as we caught up with our old friends over lunch.

a group of recently hatched Predatory Stink Bugs

However—being naturalists—we did explore the shrubbery close to the pergolas and found some interesting invertebrates including a number of a damselflies (the South-western Billabongfly, Austroagrion cyane), a group of recently hatched Predatory Stink Bugs (Glossy Shield Bugs, Cermatulus nasalis), an Ecnolagria Gumleaf Skeletoniser Beetle and a Stinking Longicorn Beetle (Stenoderus suturalis).

Colin Prickett