Darwin Day 2013

Darwin Day, the birthday anniversary of Charles Darwin, is celebrated around the world on or around the 12th of February. The WA Naturalists’ Club has decided to begin our own tradition of celebrating Darwin Day and this year naturalists of all ages met, to learn a little about Darwin’s life, about evolution and natural selection, and to enjoy a picnic together at one of Perth’s most beautiful locations, Point Walter.

Naturalists at Point Walter

Our gathering of Club members, Young Naturalists and guest were treated to a wonderfully informative talk by former Club President Joe Froudist, who kept us all engaged on a distractingly blustery day. Joe talked about Darwin’s voyage on the Beagle and the discoveries he made, and provided some excellent examples of natural selection in action.

Following our talk, we took a stroll along the sand spit where both Joe and Mike Gregson helped us learn something about the plants and animals we found, including Sea Star, Sea Squirts, Jellyfish, Hermit Crabs, and a variety of molluscs. Unfortunately, the windy conditions had attracted a large “flock” of kite surfers who had cleared the area of most bird life with the exception of a few Black Swans, Black Ducks, Pelicans and Crested Terns.

Our walk complete, we settled down for a picnic at Point Walter Reserve under the shade of a Peppermint tree, but not for long for the many of our Young Naturalists who were eager to carry on exploring.

Next year’s Darwin Day could be a great opportunity to promote the Club and its activities to a wider audience and attract new members, as well as enjoy the company of fellow members. If you have any ideas for activities or locations, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Send a message via the Contact form.

Steve Page