Darwin Day 2019

Young Naturalists Excursion February
All photos M Martin

A group of around seven Young Nats families celebrated Darwin Day on Sunday February 10th at Point Walter Reserve (Dyoondalup) on the Swan River.

It was a very hot morning, and so after a short talk on the meaning and importance of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, plus a shared discussion about the local Osprey at Blackwall Reach (Jennalup), we all decided it was best to stroll along the Point Walter sandbar, rather than trek up to Jennalup to try to spot an Osprey.

It was a pleasant walk, with children and adults alike walking barefoot through the shallows, enjoying the cooling breeze coming off the river, chatting about – and spotting – the variety of avian and aquatic species who live, vacation, or nest along the sandbar.

Some of the different species we observed: Fairy Terns; Pied Oyster-catchers; schools of baby Whiting; Red-capped Plovers; Black Swans; Brown Jellyfish (Phyllorhiza punctata); and a couple of Mallard Ducks.

The previous day, whilst on a reconnaissance for the event, I even had the pleasure of observing an Osprey feeding on a tree roost at Jennalup.

Looking forward to our next event!

Michelle Martin (WA Young Nat’s’ Co-Coordinator)