Farewell Jorgensen Park Pavilion – The DRB Leaves its ‘Home’

It’s three years since the DRB moved to Jorgensen Park Pavilion: a large, two storey and rambling building with squeaky floors and lots of character. At first, not all members wanted to move but we knew the Pavilion had won people’s hearts when someone announced it was ‘The Home of the DRB’.

Indeed, it has been our home (and a wonderful one) until now but it is being demolished. We held our last meeting there on September 13th but will return to the new building, hopefully in 2021. In the meantime, we move to a large hall in Woodlupine Community Centre, Forrestfield starting with our October meeting.

At our final meeting, we celebrated memories happy and sad with a series of photographs highlighting successful events there. A key aspect of our success has been our work with the local government areas and other local groups. We have surveyed three reserves for local Landcare groups, developed significant relationships and run workshops with the Shire of Mundaring and the City of Kalamunda, assisted two local schools, and run the ‘An introduction to Natural History in the Perth Hills’ course for the Kalamunda Learning Centre. We now need to find ways of integrating our club with the local community at Woodlupine. Using local government buildings means we keep our accommodation costs affordable and we thank the City of Kalamunda for their continuing support of us.

Two of the highlights during our time there were the awarding of a ‘local hero award’ to Lesley Brooker and the planting of a tree in Jorgensen Park to honour the 90th birthday of our co-founder, Kevn Griffiths. The local MLA, Matthew Hughes, also gave us a significant donation so we could purchase a scanner to digitize the photographs of our DRB elders.

3. Tree planting in honour of Kevn Griffiths .png
Kevn’s tree planting, R Green

Of course, there were sad times too, including the passing of Rob Waller, whose corny jokes we still miss. In contrast, we’ve welcomed an increasing number of youngsters to the club and Drew Wallace gave his first ever talk in 2017 and has given several since. On our last night, Ella Norbury (aged 11) spoke on Australian Ravens and a five-minute ‘Kid’s Talk’ is now a permanent fixture at each meeting.

There has been much laughter over the three years and our last night was no exception. A photograph of two of our longstanding members, Edwin Dell from Sawyers Valley and Ross MacDougall from Toodyay was shown.

6. Edwin anad Ross standing infront other 2017 photograph in teh same clothes September 2019! IMG_0937.JPG

Suddenly the whole audience—including Edwin and Ross—dissolved into laughter when it was realised that both were still wearing the same clothes. Being good sports, they agreed to have their photograph taken again It was a great way to finish our time there.

Edwin and Ross, photo R Green

Thanks to all who’ve contributed to three pivotal years, including Frankie for feeding us so well. It has been one of the most energetic and uplifting times for the branch, during which we’ve more than doubled our membership. Farewell Jorgensen, we will be back!

Rachel Green