Fungal Foray at Jellicoe Rd Glen Forrest

6 July 2019

On a rather soggy Saturday morning, 17 Nats’ Club members and friends held a Fungal Foray at Lyn Myles place which is tucked away in Glen Forrest. Her property borders onto national park, close to Mundaring Weir. Lyn’s property is jarrah/marri regrowth woodland with balgas, banksias and many different orchids. The understorey is heavily grazed by kangaroos. It has not been burnt for many years.

This year has not been ideal for fungi. The season broke very late, and heavy rain in late June, combined with cold weather, meant we were not expecting to find very many species. But our pessimism was misplaced because we collected more than 25 different species, which are listed below.

We thank Lyn for allowing us to foray on her property, and to everyone who contributed to spotting, photographing and identifying the many collections.

Elaine Davison

See page 2 for Fungi recorded