Going Wild in Rockingham—with Mish Mann

Club member Mish Mann found a few interesting creatures to share with us on Facebook. To see all the photos, go to the Kwinana Rockingham Mandurah Branch – WA Naturalists’ Club new Facebook group.

She writes:

Crab spider

“The spider is from my backyard. Daniel Heald kindly did an ID and it’s a Sidymella sp. crab spider—very tiny but really interestingly shaped body. (Taken with a macro 60 ml lens.)

Male seahorse at Kwinana Beach

The Seahorse is a male, which is clear because of the pouch. I would say he is close to breeding or already has a very early brood. I found him under old the CBH Jetty near the power station (Kwinana Beach) on a dusk dive.

The Pardalote was at Lake Richmond and I found a little trail that seemed to have a lot of small birds, so stood there watching for a while and a pair were being very curious, then one came right up close and I could definitely hear the distinct calls. Unsure if they were the ever-elusive pardalote I have been desperately trying to photograph forever, I couldn’t wait to check the images on the computer and the Michael Morecombe bird app! To my delight, I was then sure. Fellow naturalist Rosalie gave her opinion that this indeed was the prize!

The last three images of the cormorant, egret and grebe were all at Rockingham Central Park which is such a wonderful place to photograph birds as they are quite used to people and go about their business quite relaxed while being stalked by some silly human with a camera. The egret was having a good old hunt around but unfortunately my action shots were not satisfactorily focused.

All in all, it’s been a wonderful week off and I have had a very fulfilling time taking these images with my new Panasonic Lumix lens, 100-400mm, playing with shutter-speed, ISO and aperture to get the desired results. I use an OMD EM5 II which converts the zoom to double, so I can get some lovely closeups. It’s also really suitable for underwater photography as it’s not as heavy as a DSLR but has the flexibility to change lenses.

So very happy to share the nature joy with everyone.”

Mish Mann