Kings Park¦Weekend Walk

Sixteen members and friends, mostly from the Meetup group, enjoyed a beautiful autumn day in Kings Park on April 7th. Rosser’s Banksia (Banksia rosserae) was in full bloom in the endangered garden. This arid land Banksia grows naturally south of Cue on Kirkalocka station, so it was a rare treat to see the magnificent spherical flowers.

Banksia rosserae in flower. Photo: P Coyle

Both the Law Walk and the Lotterywest Federation tree-top bridge were highlights of the walk. However there was no sign of quendas. Perhaps an evening walk would have been more suitable for this crepuscular creature?
Our ‘show-and-tell’ included the ingredients of making ‘bush super glue’: processed grass, charcoal and grass tree resin. Other items included Zamia, Persoonia and Quandong fruit and some pieces of sandalwood from a puller’s camp on the wood-lines in the Greater Western Woodlands.
Peter Coyle