AGM and General Meeting 7th November 2014

The November meeting was also the occasion of the Annual General Meeting. Acting Chairperson Colin Prickett gave a brief summary of the events for the year, recalling the many enjoyable field trips. There was no election of office bearers; the committee for 2015 will be the same as for 2014. However, there is a requirement to elect a new Chairperson, with Chris Punter standing down after two years in the role. A new chairperson has not been confirmed as yet.

After the formalities of the AGM were completed a PowerPoint presentation of photographs taken on the recent excursion to the Helena and Aurora Range that involved members of the Naturalists Club, The Wildflower Society and Birdlife Australia. The Naturalists-News for November 2014 includes a write up of Brian Moyle’s presentation to the main Club describing the same area and highlighting its biodiversity and the fact that it is yet to achieve a suitable level of protection from mining development.

The presentation covered much of the same country and flora species discussed by Brian Moyle and details will not be repeated here. The slides showed the landforms of the area, its endemic flora species and some of the region’s fauna. They also showed participants exploring the many interesting places that were visited. It looked like a very enjoyable and informative trip.

Thanks to Anne and Alan Bellman for providing the presentation and sharing it with the audience.

Colin Prickett