KRM Branch AGM 2019 Report


The meeting for November was also the AGM for the branch. Outgoing Chair Bert Rabone read the minutes of the previous AGM and also gave a brief summary of the branch’s activities for 2018. The election of the committee saw only one change with Bert Rabone standing down as Chairperson and Chris Punter being appointed for 2019.
The attendees thanked Bert for his significant contribution as Chair over the past two years.

Following the formalities there were some short presentations by members. Firstly Daniel Heald was up, showing a series of photographs under the title ‘Beach Dwellers’. These included a Devil’s Coach Horse (a Rove Beetle) that was an unusual find on a beach; an Ant Lion Larva (Hairy Lace Wing), a species which makes a long linear pit rather than the conical style normally found; a Kelp Fly, which breeds in beds of Kelp or Sea Grass washed up on a beach; a Bearded Dragon; a King’s Skink; another Rove Beetle and a Click Beetle. Other beach finds included a dead Port Jackson Shark; a Giant Sea Pen; a By The Wind Sailor (similar to a Bluebottle); Bailer Shells; predatory Bristle Worms; Sand Dollars (alive and dead); Grey Fan Sponge (found at Coogee near the wreck of the Omeo); and a Purple-tipped Sea Anenome.


Pauline Dilley then shared a few sightings, including a Wolf Spider covered in spiderlings, and a Butterfly Gurnard found at Shoalwater while snorkelling.

To round out the evening Colin Prickett then showed photos of recent sightings, including: orchids (Shy Sun Orchid, Glossy-leaved Hammer Orchid; King in his Carriage; Leopard Orchid; Pink Enamel Orchid and Ray’s Spider Orchid (right) ; birds
(Eastern Osprey with fish (below), White-cheeked Honeyeater and Silvereyes on a grass-tree flower spike) plus some wildflower photos.


Colin Prickett