March 2021 KRMB Meeting

Report of Kwinana Rockingham Mandurah Branch 15th March 2021

The March meeting was a Member’s Night. The audience received presentations from three members. Chris Punter showed a number of photographs from a camping trip he made through the South-west. The trip took in Dryandra Woodlands, the Stirling Ranges, and Fitzgerald National Park, and his photos showed some of the flora, fauna, and landscapes sighted on the trip.

Colin Prickett then showed photographs of sightings taken over the summer period. These included photos of shorebirds, wetland birds, insects and flora. The photos of shorebirds included a photo of what is believed to be a cross between a Hudsonian Godwit and a Bar-tailed Godwit which was photographed at Nairns in Mandurah. According to Birdlife WA this is the first record of a cross between Godwit species.

A Hudsonian Godwit x Bar-tailed Godwit
Photo credit: Colin Prickett

The last presenter was Desiree Heald who shared images from a trip she had taken during the school holidays through the South-west. The audience thanked all presenters.

Colin Prickett