Members’ Night¦KRM Branch September 2022

The September General Meeting was a Members’ Night attended by a dozen members. There were two presenters on the night. Chris Punter was first up and shared images from a recent trip to Exmouth.

Photographs of various aspects of the landscape around Exmouth helped set the scene nicely for what must have been a nice trip. Other pictures showed fauna and flora encountered during the trip. Photographs of birds showed several species, including Common Sandpiper, White-winged Fairy Wren, Reef Egret (both grey and white morphs), Great Egret, Lesser Crested Terns and the beautiful Brahminy Kite. Other fauna included Fruit Bats (a group of roughly 100), Humpback Whales and Black-flanked Rock Wallabies.

It had been a good season for wildflowers after good winter rainfall. Chris showed photos of the Pilbara Desert Rose (Gossypium robinsonii), Kanji Bush (Acacia pyrifolia), Kurrajong Tree, Yardie Morning Glory (Ipomoea yardiensis), Ashby’s Banksia (Banksia ashbyi), Fleshy-leaved Fan Flower (Scaevola cunninghamii), Tall Mulla Mulla (Ptilotus exaltatus), Tassel Top (Ptilotus clementii), Sturt’s Desert Pea (Swainsona formosa), Purple Haze (Pityrodia paniculata) and Pilbara Wild Tomato (Solanum philomoides).

The second presenter was Colin Prickett, who showed photos taken from various local reserves during the last few months. The photos showed many orchid species, including Western Helmet Orchids (Corybas recurvus), Rabbit Orchids (Leptoceras menziesii), various Pterostylis sp., Dancing Spider Orchids (Caladenia discoidea) and Donkey Orchids (Diuris sp.). Other flora include Cockies Tongues (Templetonia retusa), False Boronia (Phyllanthus calycinus), Swan River Myrtle (Hypocalymma robustum), Pearlflower (Conostephium pendulum), Lomandra nigricans and Pepper and Salt (Philotheca spicata). Colin said that during the hunt for orchids and other small flowering plants this year, he had encountered many small white flower spiders awaiting unsuspecting pollinators.

He showed photographs of one almost perfectly camouflaged amongst the flowers of a Lomandra nigricans and another on a Pink Fairy Orchid. On another orchid hunt in Karnup Nature Reserve, he found the male Peacock Jumping Spider (Maratus gemmifer) that is only known to inhabit this reserve. Better still, it was in full display mode, resulting in Colin’s photo of the year!

Another special photo for Colin showed a Yellow Robin in Paganoni Reserve. Though residents in both Paganoni and Karnup Reserves’ sightings are fleeting, it was special to finally get a photo of a male. Colin’s presentation also showed some insects, such as hairy caterpillars, Bull ants and a Flower Wasp. The audience thanked both presenters for their contributions.

Colin Prickett

All Images: Colin Prickett