Members’ Night May 2021

KRMB Meeting 17th May 2021

For our May general meeting the theme was a Members’ night. There was a disappointing turn up due to several members being away. This resulted in only Colin Prickett sharing some photos of birds, insects, spiders and flora spotted over the past few months.

The photos of birds included a Pied Oystercatcher and some Sanderlings found at Becher Point in Port Kennedy, a grey morph of the Reef Egret found at Point Peron, plus a Regent Parrot at Secret Harbour. The images of insects included a Painted Lady Butterfly, a Vine Hawk Moth (Hippotion celerio), a Bird of Paradise Fly (a male of the Callipappus sp., which is not actually a fly, but is a member of the Family Margarodidae of scale insects) and a Robber Fly (Asilinae sub family) with prey (a small wasp).

Bird of Paradise Fly
Bird of Paradise Fly  ♂ Margarodidae

Photos of spiders were well represented, mainly taken in Colin’s garden. These included several species of Jumping Spiders including male and female of White-banded House Jumping Spiders (Maratus griseus), a male Spikey Peacock Jumping Spider (Maratus spicatus), and a male Opisthoncus polyphemus. Other spiders included Leishmann’s Huntsman (Isopeda leishmanni), Union Jack Wolf Spiders (Tasmanicosa sp.), and a male and female of Elongated St Andrew’s Cross Spider (Argiope protensa). Images of flora included some autumn flowering orchids such as the Leafless Orchid (Praecoxanthus aphyllus), Hare Orchids (Leporella fimbriata), and the Common Bunny Orchid (Eriochilus dilatatus subsp. multiflorus).

Colin Prickett