Members Night September 2019¦KRM Branch

Three members made presentations at the September meeting.

First up was Chris Punter, who showed some photos that he’d taken during a recent trip to Broome. He had seen a nice variety of birdlife, including Great Bowerbird, Nankeen Kestrel, Grey-crowned Babbler, Singing Honeyeater, Brown Booby, Reef Heron, Barred Doves, Masked Lapwings, Red-winged Parrots and Little Friarbird. He also showed us a photo of a Green Bird Flower. He then showed us images from a trip to the Broome Bird Observatory, where he saw shorebirds present in very large numbers. The images of these large flocks showed why Roebuck Bay is a mecca for birdwatchers; the variety and numbers of birds present was really stunning.

The next presenter was Daniel Heald, who showed us images of invertebrates and flora, taken during a recent survey. They included a Sawfly caterpillar, a Long-nosed Weevil, unusual galls on a Leucopogon that caused the plant to produce extra leaves, a caterpillar covered in red sap from a Bloodwood and an egg sac of a mantid that had been parasitised by wasps. His images also included some of Droseras, lichens and a Snottygobble. He finished with photos of a Case Moth, Acrobat Ants, a jumping spider and a Swift Spider.

The presentations concluded with Colin Prickett, who showed members some photographs taken during KRMB’s visit to Goodale Sanctuary—that was reported in the last newsletter. The audience kindly showed their appreciation to all presenters.

Colin Prickett