October Meeting¦Impromtu Photo Presentation

KRMB General Meeting
Photos: C Prickett

Unfortunately, during the week before the October meeting, the scheduled guest speaker advised us that he would be unable to attend. To fill the gap, Colin Prickett presented some photos.

He started with a series of images taken at Lark Hill, which was to be the venue for the October Field Trip, to provide members with an indication of what to expect on the day. He followed up with a series of photos of orchids found during spring. These were taken at various locations in the south-west, including Yilliminning Rock Nature Reserve near Narrogin, various reserves in the Cape to Cape Region between Dunsborough and Augusta, Goodale Sanctuary, Paganoni Reserve, Island Point Nature Reserve and Karnup Nature Reserve. The images showed many species, including some less commonly seen species such as Smooth-lipped Spider Orchid
(Caladenia integra)
(below left), Carbanup King Spider Orchid, Giant Spider Orchid, Margaret River Spider Orchid, Island Point Spider Orchid, King-in-his-Carriage, Glossy-leaved Hammer Orchid and the Dunsborough Spider Orchid.

Colin also shared some recent spider sightings, firstly a Western Web Dasher Spider (Corasoides sp.), a species that is rarely seen on its low web, only rushing out of its refuge to check on prey caught in the web. Next was a male Peacock Jumping Spider (Maratus pavonis) (above right) found at Colin’s home on the lid of a wheelie-bin. The presentation finished with some photos of colourful wild flowers.

Colin Prickett