The Stirling Range—with Terry Dunham

From the Field

Terry has shared some lovely images on the Facebook group this past month. He writes:

“The Stirling Range National Park suffered a devastating fire that began by lightning strikes on December 26 last year, burning through approximately 50 000 hectares of diverse habitat, leaving another 65 000 hectares of pristine bushland untouched.

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The wildflowers are amazing, with a wide range of species to be seen each month of the year, as seen in this collage of the beauty I photographed in March
Kingia Australis

There is beautiful new growth in the burnt areas that began flowering as early as late January. The Kingia australis flowered profusely following the fire and are a delight to view, with their ancient blackened stems bursting forth with prehistoric looking ‘drumstick’ flower arrangements.

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Also flowering after the fire were the delightful Lobelia anceps (left) along the permanent natural spring creek-lines. With the sounds of the permanent running water, it certainly is an experience to enjoy.

At the moment there are four species of orchids flowering (Leafless Orchids, bunny orchids (Common Bunny), Hare Orchids and Pygmy Orchids) along with another subspecies of the bunny orchids, the Granite Bunny. We look forward to more rain and the upcoming winter wildflowers and orchids and on into the warmer months later in the year.”

Terry Dunham

Terry also sent us some stunning photos of the Splendid Fairy-wrens he saw at SRNP

A small blue bird perched on a branch

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Splendid Fairy Wren

See Page 2 for all these photos on Terry’s websites.