Wedgetail Reserve, Parkerville

Flora list (incomplete) from Survey of Wedgetail Reserve Parkerville, draft 1 as of 9 Sept 2019.

10am-12.15pm on 25 August 2019.

Darling Range Branch of the WA Naturalists’ Club. Compiled by several people including Marilyn Honeybun, and others. The survey was led by Penny Hussey.
Apologies this is not a complete list of what we saw on the day but it is a good start.

Generally there were a number of plants in flower such as Hibbertias, Melaleucas, Acacias, Hakeas, Eucalypts, Grevilleas … and several others seen e.g. Droseras, Triggerplants


Hibbertia commutata

2  .

Needle leaved Guinea Flower

Hibbertia acerosa


Scarlet Honeymyrtle

Melaleuca fulgens subspecies steedmanii


Gold nuggets.

Melaleuca megacephala


Grevillea manglesii


Trymalium odoratissimum


Dog weed?

Opercularia vaginata


Level 4.

Templetonia drummondii

9 .

Pink fountain trigger-plant

Stylidium brunonianum

10. Marri. Penny described how the Marri has the large honky nuts and tesselated bark (looks like crazy paving). Flowering. Corymbia calophylla
11. Honey bush. Hakea lissocarpha (in flower)
12. Harsh hakea Hakea Prostrata (in flower)
13. Red beak orchid leaves Pyrorchis nigricans 
14. Parrot Bush Dryandra sessilis
15. Lemon scented darwinia Darwinia citriodora
16. Blue squill Chamaescilla corymbosa
17. Milkmaids Burchardia umbellata

And more!