Wedgetail Reserve, Parkerville

> Earthball (Scleroderma verrucosa). >5 – some older examples (soft spores) and some younger, less developed (hard spores)

> Horse dung fungus (Pisolithus tinctorius). Approx 3 examples

> Inocybe sp? (unsure if Inocybe – looked similar) approx. 2 examples

> Laccaria laccata. Multiple examples

> Skin fungi and slime moulds sp,. Multiple examples:

> Skin fungi cont’d (Diachea or Lamproderma sp?) 1 example

> Resupinatus applicatus 1 example

> Aleuria ferruginea >1 (caespitose; one patch noted)

> Tremella mesenterica. Several small examples

> Lopharia crassa. 1 example

> Cortinarius sp. (phalarus?) (not 100% sure if Cortinarius) Multiple examples around decaying logs.

> Scarlet bracket (Pycnoporus coccineus). Multiple examples, spread widely

> Small yellow-ish Mycena (possibly Bolbitius titubans; Egg yolk fungus) 2 found

> no positive ID maybe slime mould

> Unidentified miscellany (mainly older, decaying examples)

Bracket fungus (unidentified – appeared covered in another possible fungal growth, attached to decaying log)

> Possible Peziza sp?

> Possible Cortinarius sp. (some decayed examples, no photos)