Young Naturalists and Club Fungi Foray¦2020

Our first Covid-19 fungi foray was held at member Lyn Myles property in Glen Forrest on Sunday 5 July 2020. It is a lovely area of Jarrah bushland, abutting onto National Park.

Twenty-seven participants, including 6 Fungi leaders, divided into 3 smaller groups and together found 44 species of fungi. We found many brightly coloured Russulas, mycorrhizal fungi which partner with the bushland trees, several Amanita species which are also mycorrhizal, as well as the stunning tiny birds nest fungi which are decomposers.

Typical pose when searching for fungi

The biggest most spectacular find was Cortinarius australiensis, a very big mycorrhizal mushroom, closely followed by some large Amanita umbrellinas, while a group with very sharp eyes found a slime mould, Trichia decipiens, common name Cute Baubles, bright orange tiny dots on wood.

A keen young fungi forayer

The technique of using a mirror to show the gills/pores under the cap was demonstrated and we had fungi mirrors made for purpose for sale ($5). The idea is to cause less disturbance of fungi when taking photos to submit to iNaturalist, which lots of us are learning to do this year.

Some of the fungi we found:

Photos by Roz Hart and Kirsten Tullis

Roz Hart

Link for Fungi recorded at same site in 2019