Western Australian Naturalists Club

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A Journey with Peacock Spiders

"Hew Roberts" Nedlands Lecture Theatre Clifton St., Nedlands

Our speaker tonight is Dr Mathew Hourston, who some of you may know from his YouTube channel 'Look Closer' where he films and talks about some of smaller organisms that can be found in nature, with a particular interest in our beautiful, endemic peacock spiders. Mat describes his experiences as ...

Assisted Colonisation for Species Conservation

"Hew Roberts" Nedlands Lecture Theatre Clifton St., Nedlands

Species with low reproductive rates, long generation times, and restricted ranges are particularly susceptible to climate change. One proposed solution for these species is assisted colonisation - the intentional translocation of species outside their historic range to mitigate a threat. Australia’s rarest reptile, the Western Swamp Tortoise (Pseudemydura umbrina), is ...

Effects of urbanisation on the Oblong turtle

"Hew Roberts" Nedlands Lecture Theatre Clifton St., Nedlands

Land use modification, climate drying, and invasive species threaten the oblong turtle (Chelodina oblonga), a freshwater species endemic to south-western Australia. The extent of impact of these stressors on C. oblonga is not known but likely includes increased wildlife-vehicle incidents and predation, and reduced availability and quality of nesting and aquatic habitat. ...

Eucalypt Treasures of WA

"Hew Roberts" Nedlands Lecture Theatre Clifton St., Nedlands

A presentation introducing a selection of little known WA eucalypt species, unknown in cultivation and with high ornamental appeal plus many other attributes. Malcolm French is an agriculturalist, book publisher, associate researcher and honorary curator of the genus eucalyptus at the WA Herbarium, bush traveler cum eucalypt chaser, and received ...