Get Wild about Rewilding

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Perth NRM and Birdlife Australia have joined forces to develop a new website to get Perth residents to begin rewilding their gardens to encourage the return of native flora, fauna (particularly birds!) and important pollinators throughout the urban and peri-urban environment.

A bird swimming in water

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New Holland Honeyeaters by ©Peter Holland 2016

The ReWild Perth website will allow users to register their homes or a significant place for a ReWilding project. Users will then receive a localised, suggested ‘action list’ for native trees, plants and groundcover based on the dominant local soil type to help enhance the local ecosystem.

Once launched, the ReWild website will allow individuals and groups to see and measure their environmental impact on a project (home/park) or suburb-by-suburb level. Before the launch, Perth NRM is looking for ‘ReWild Pioneers’ to help test the system, provide feedback, and give their suburb a head start in the ratings. Please contact to register your interest.